11/1990 Meeting

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The Horse Girl

The Stalking Horse

The Stallion Queen


Anthologies Edited:


Horse Fantastic

Not of Woman Born


South from Midnight



The author's website is:  http://www.deepgenre.com/wordpress/author/constanceash.





Meeting Date:  November 10, 1990.

Meeting Site:  Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

Official Attendance:

Meeting Program:  Talk by Fantasy Author / Anthologist.





Weather and traffic problems delayed the start of the meeting by over an hour.  Those present watched the broadcast of STAR TREK, as well as a taped episode of SHE WOLF OF LONDON.  DAW Books Managing Editor Joseph Schaumburger was in attendance.  Club members Sharon Archer, Mercades de la Reza, and Robert Yeager won free books.



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The following account is reprinted with permission from THE STARSHIP EXPRESS   Copyright 1990  Philip De Parto



Ms Ash read a scene from her second novel, THE STALKING HORSE, in which her heroine attempts to coax a wounded horse to continue to live.  She talked about her approach to writing fantasy, world building, other writers she admires, how she works, and full time job as Rights and Permissions person for Viking/Penguin.


The author is tired of seeing "blue lights flashing out of wizard's hands" in fantasy novels.  She writes a sort of minimalist fantasy in which the fantastic elements are rigidly rationed.