09/1990 Meeting

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Meeting Date:  September 8, 1990.

Meeting Site:  Actors Fund Complex, Englewood, New Jersey.

Official Attendance (science fiction fans only):

Meeting Program:  Talk/Slide Show by Science Fiction Artist.





The Actors Fund Complex is a retirement home for members of the Screen Actors Guild.  The Association held a meeting there in response to a mailing from the Bergen County Division of Cultural Affairs requesting groups consider providing entertainment for residents of this complex.


Meeting Memories:




Newsletter Account:


The following account is reprinted with permission from THE STARSHIP EXPRESS  Copyright 1990  Philip J De Parto:


A crowd of twenty two science fiction enthusiasts and about an equal number of retired folk turned up at the September 8, 1990 meeting of the S. F. A. B. C.


This meeting was held at The Actors Fund Complex, 155-175 West Hudson Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey  07631.  Apparently everyone was able to find the site with minimal difficulty as no one complained about my verbal directions.


It was a rather odd meeting.  The residents of the Complex arrived early and staked out the best seats in the house, thus preventing us from holding an organized business meeting.  Many of them walked out of the meeting after they realized what the slide show was about, but a half dozen stayed and seemed to have a good time.


Feelings on the experiment ranged from the very positive to the very negative.