08/1990 Meeting

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The author's official website is:  http://www.sff.net/people/e.friesner/.




Child of the Eagle

Demon Blues

Druid's Blood

E.Godz (co-author Robert Asprin)

Elf Defense

Gnome Man's Land

Harlot's Ruse

Harpy High

Here Be Demons

Horray for Hellywood

Majyk by Accident

Majyk by Design

Majyk by Hook or Crook

Men in Black 2 (novelization)

Mustapha and his Wise Dog

New York by Knight

Nobody's Prize

Nobody's Princess

Playing with Fire

The Psalms of Herod

The Silver Mountain

Spells of Mortal Weaving

The Sherwood Game

Sphynxes Wild

Split Heirs (co-author:  Lawrence Watt-Evans)

Star Trek Deep Space 9:  Warchild

Star Trek The Next Generation:  To Storm Heaven

The Sword of Mary

Temping Fate

Unicorn U.

The Water King's Laughter

Wishing Season

The Witchwood Cradle

Yesterday We Saw Mermaids






Meeting Date:  August 11, 1990.

Meeting Site:  Saddle River Valley Cultural Center, Upper Saddle River.

Official Attendance:

Meeting Program:  Talk by Fantasy Writer.




This meeting had originally been scheduled to be held at Dunkerhook Park in Paramus, New Jersey.  Rain was forecast, so we shifted the meeting indoors to the Cultural Center.  We set up a grill on the back staircase to the building. I believe that the service by Chuck and Bob referred to in the newsletter account was that they were the ones primarily watching the grill.



Meeting Memories:



Newsletter Account:


The following account is reprinted with permission from  THE STARSHIP EXPRESS  Copyright 1990  Philip J De Parto:


The gods of rain once again decided to visit us at our August 11, 1990 picnic.  They fortunately gave us warning of their intent, so we once again re-routed to the Saddle River Valley Cultural Center.


Esther Friesner and family graced us with their presence.  Esther read from a novel in progress and also talked about the stages of becoming a science fiction writers.


There were twenty-eight of us who made the indoor picnic.  Nancy Cucci and Nan were up from Alabama to visit.  They brought fellow Alabamans Richard Dabney and Karen Maulsby.  Mindy Richards shot in from Pennsylvania and introduced us to fellow Pennsylvanians John Schilling and Perry Weinthal.


Thanks to everyone involved in making the day a success, but especially to Charles Garofalo and Robert Yeager for service above and beyond the call.