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So I Joined the SFABC. Now What?

Last Update:  01/17/10.
Thank you for joining the Association.
You will get the most out of the group by participating in the events and the discussions, and also by learning more about the group.
Part 1.  Google Discussion Groups.
The first thing to do is to get organized with our on line events.  We have made a deliberate decision to have a number of focused groups covering different aspects of the field instead of one all-encompassing group.  This means that you will be enrolled in a number of different Google Groups.
If you have a Google Gmail account, these groups will display under Groups, which drops down from More on the toolbar above Google Search Box.  If you have a different provider, I strongly suggest creating a folder titled "SFABC Groups."   Then move the initial email notifying you that you are a member of the particular group to that folder.  That way you will always have a handy list of your groups.
You may desire to respond to an existing discussion or you may wish to start a new one.  These are two separate tasks.
You can respond to an ongoing discussion by clicking on Reply at the end of the email.  This is equivalent to hitting the Reply All on most email providers (you also have an option to privately respond to only the sender).
If you want to start a new discussion, first figure out where it should be.  If it's about a movie, go to the Movie Group.  A book or author, go to the Book & Author Group, etc.  Remember that anyone can view these posts.  If there is private information, it should go to the Personals Group which is a private (invisible to non members) Group.  The Personals Group is also where anything which does not fit easily into one of the other groups belongs.