.F A Q

Last Update:  04/13/16.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Why should I want to join the Association?
Members of the S F A B C receive three benefits.  They receive our monthly newsletter, THE STARSHIP EXPRESS (a sample copy in electronic format can be found under Publications).  They receive access to our Google Discussion Groups (a list of these can be found under Information / Discussion Groups).  They can attend General Meetings and certain Private events the club organizes.  Perhaps the most important, however, is the opportunity to get to know other people who share the same interests and speak the same language--people who have read the same books, watched the same movies, and can tell you about other books/films/television that you would enjoy.  People become friends and get together for other activities outside those of the club.
I don't live in Bergen County.  Can I join the Association?
Yes.  About half our membership lives outside of Bergen County, New Jersey.  We even have one guy out in California.
Why is it called the Science Fiction Association if you have fantasy and horror programs as well?
It's just easier to call us the Science Fiction Associaiton than the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Science, Comics, Anime, and Manga Association.  And it abbreviates nicely ( SF ABC), too.
How do I join the Association?
The best way to join the Association is to show up at one of our events.  See if you like us.  If you get a good feeling about the group, you can join by paying a Membership Fee.  Most of our events are open to anyone, regardless if they are a member or not.  Of course membership does have it's privilages.  See the first question. 
How much does it cost to join?
At the present time, $ 10.00 covers the Annual Membership Fee, which makes you a member for a year.  This entitles you to the newsletter, etc.  Depending on the circumstances, there may be an Attendence Fee or a Special Fee as well.
What is the Attendence Fee?
The Attendence Fee applies to all General Meetings.  If you show up, you pay $ 2.00.  If you don't show up, you don't pay.  There is no Attendence Fee for any other S F A B C event.
What is a Special Fee?
This is a catch-all for a variety of possible expenses.  For example, we may hold a Special Activity to go out to catch a movie.  You are responsible to pay your way.  We may going to an event as a group and receiving a group rate.  You are required to pay your portion.  We may be going out to dinner, or serving dinner at an event.  Again, you must pay for this.
Where Do I Send a Check or Have Questions Answered?
 Please contact SFABCinfo (at) gmail.com for check details.  We do not accept PayPal.