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Yeager Residence, Paramus, New Jersey

Association's member Robert Yeager hosts an annual meeting of the Association once a year, usually in October.  We will not publish this address and telephone number in this space.  If you are a member of the Association, you can view this at the SFABC Personals Group, which is a Private Google Group.  It will also be forwarded to people on our mailing lists.

About the Meeting Site:

Our host has organized his house as a showplace for his collection.  Every room has a theme:  oriental, wild west, nautical, Spanish, etc.  For instance, his basement is done as the south seas.  The basement stairs are painted blue with white highlights to mimic a waterfalls.  Fishnets holding plastic fish are affixed to the banisters.  You are greeted by life sized mannequin hula dancers offering leias at the base of the stairs.  The pillars have been tranformed into palm trees with stuffed monkees and birds hiding in their fronds.  The bar is a thatched hut.  Bamboo curtains run along two walls.

A tour of the house is part of the evening's program.