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West Essex Diner (formerly Versailles Diner)

Page Created:  11/22/13.  Last Updated:  11/22/13.
West Essex Diner / formerly Versailles Diner
516 Route 46 East
Fairfield, New Jersey  07004
(973)  227 - 0508
The West Essex / Versailles Diner lies between Route 46 East and Fairfield Road.  You can access the parking lot of the diner from either thoroughfare.
Just to the south of the diner is the overpass for Fairfield Road.  Fairfield Road becomes Little Falls Road to the west of the Diner.
From Route 46 East:
The diner is immediately past the Fairfield Road overpass of Route 46.  It is very easy to overshoot the entrance.  If you overshoot it, take the next exit (Fairfield Avenue) and turn right.  Entrance to Diner will be on your right.  When driving on 46 East, your landmark that you are getting close to your destination is the Hollywood Avenue overpass.
From Route 46 West:
Take the Fairfield Road exit and go over the highway.  Turn left at the "T" intersection after crossing the highway.  The diner will be to your left.  Your landmark that you are approaching the Fairfield Road exit is the Passaic Avenue interchange.
From Route 23 (Newark / Pompton Turnpike)
The traffic light marking the intersection of Main Street, Little Falls and Route 23 (Newark / Pompton Turnpike) is a little to the south of the Passaic River Bridge which in turn is a little to the south of Hooters, The Willowbrook Mall, and the Route 46 / Route 23 interchange.
Turn west onto Main Street (aka County Road 631).  Continue on Main for about seven blocks.  Turn right onto Fairfield Road (aka County Road 615).  Fairfield Road is just past Clarence Avenue.  Fairfield Avenue becomes Little Falls Road after a few blocks.  Proceed along Little Falls Road for about 3 miles.  Your landmark that you are nearing your destination is the intersection of Little Falls Road and Passaic Avenue.  Little Falls Road changes its name back to Fairfield Road at this point.  Entrance to diner will be on your right in about a mile,  just past Fairfield Road traffic light.