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Member's Home, Waldwick

Page Created:  09/22/12.  Last Updated:  09/11/15.
Philip De Parto / Pamela Webber
136 Manhattan Avenue
Waldwick, New Jersey  07463
(201)  447 - 3652
Allergy Alert:  We have three cats.
The easiest way by far to get to our house is by Route 17.  I mean it.
Waldwick is one in a series of towns serviced by Route 17 in northern Bergen County.  Starting in Paramus and moving north, the towns are Paramus-Ridgewood-Ho Ho Kus-WALDWICK.  Starting in Mahwah and moving south, the towns are Mahwah-Ramsey-Allendale-WALDWICK (actually, little bits of Saddle River and Upper Saddle River also touch the highway in the vicinity of Ramsey, but they are short stretches and easily missed).
If you are coming from the south of Waldwick:
Take Route 17 north through Paramus, Ridgewood and Ho-Ho-Kus.  Ignore the exit which reads Sheridan Avenue / Prospect Street - Ho Ho Kus / Waldwick.  Make U-Turn at East Allendale Road (Allendale / Saddle River).  Then follow directions from north of Waldwick.
If you are coming from the north of Waldwick:
When you pass the exit for East Allendale Road (Allendale / Saddle River), that is your signal that your are not too far from where you want to be.  Get into the right hand lane sometime in the next mile.
When you reach this rapid fire series of landmarks, you are almost there:
1.     Pass sign and exit for Cameron Road.
2.     View large sign announcing that you are nearing:  Sheridan Avenue / Prospect Street  (Waldwick / Ho Ho Kus).
3.     Pass very small sign saying Waldwick.
4.     Sound barriers alongside Route 17 South end.
5.     Local Waldwick Streets start feeding directly into the highway.  There are seven of these streets before you reach the exit or Sheridan Avenue / Prospect Street.
MANHATTAN AVENUE IS THE FIFTH OF THESE LOCAL STREETS.  The one just before us is Waldwick Street.  The one just past us is Grove Street.  The street sign is small and easily missed due to foliage, but the corner house where you turn has a wood stockade fence which is relatively new and not faded from age.
We are the second house on your left.  There is one house between us and the highway.  Our house has a green cyclone fence with a red brick front.  However, you don't want the front entrance, you want to follow the sidewalk around the back in come into the cellar by the rear door.