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Maywood Public Library

Page Created:  11/22/13.  Last Updated:  12/07/13.
Maywood Public Library
459 Maywood Avenue
Maywood, New Jersey  07607
(201)  845 - 2915
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The Maywood Public Library is on the west side of Maywood Avenue, the most important street in the town.  Maywood Avenue serves as the dividing line which separates a number of roads into East Pleasant Avenue / West Pleasant Avenue, East Passaic Street / West Pleasant Street, East Central Avenue / West Central Avenue, etc.  Maywood Avenue starts at Essex Street.  The road changes its name to Forest Avenue at the border with Paramus.
The Library is on the second block south of the Maywood Avenue / Passaic Streets traffic light; three blocks north of the Maywood Avenue / Central Avenue traffic light.  The Maywood / Central traffic light is just north of the railroad crossing.  The library is opposite the Maywood Avenue School.
Parking is in the rear of the building.  Films are shown in the main meeting room in the library basement.  The basement is accessible by stairs or elevator.  There are basement Rest Rooms.