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Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church
318 West Saddle River
Upper Saddle River
Bergen County, New Jersey  07458
(201)  327 - 3960

The Methodist Church is across the street from our former meeting site.  Additional parking can be found on the sides and back of the Church.

Important Note:  The Methodist Church is on WEST Saddle River Road.  One block further over is EAST Saddle River Road.  Unlike streets in New York, East does not turn into West.  The roads are on opposite banks of the Saddle River which is nothing more than a stream at this point.



Exit ROUTE 17 NORTH at the sign which reads SADDLE RIVER / WOODCLIFF LAKE.  (This is the exit after Sheridan Avenue, Ho Ho Kus.)  This exit puts you onto EAST ALLENDALE AVENUE heading East.  Stay on road for about 1/2 mile and turn left at the first traffic light onto WEST SADDLE RIVER ROAD.  Drive north for 1-3/4 miles.  Shortly after passing a brick Catholic Church, the Church of the Presentation, on your left hand side you cross into Upper Saddle River.  The Methodist Church is on your right hand side.  If you come to a traffic light you have slightly overshot and hit LAKE STREET.

Note:  You will see a sign marked WEST SADDLE RIVER ROAD on Route 17 northbound well to the south of where you have been told to leave 17.  If you take this exit, you will eventually get where you want to be, but it will take you a lot longer to get there.


Exit ROUTE 17 SOUTH at SADDLE RIVER / WOODCLIFF LAKE exit.  This puts you onto EAST ALLENDALE ROAD heading East.  You drive under the highway.  Then follow the directions from Route 17 Northbound.

Note:  This way takes you a little bit longer than the exit for UPPER SADDLE RIVER, but it spares you making hairpin turns on steep hills at night in bad weather on an unfamiliar road.



Take Exit 172, GRAND AVENUE, MONTVALE.  (This is the last exit in New Jersey and is just past the Montvale Service Area).  Turn left at the exit ramp and head west on GRAND AVENUE.  There are a lot of small towns in this area, and the road that you're on will keep changing its name.  At different points it is called GRAND AVENUE, MONTVALE ROAD, RAMSEY ROAD and LAKE STREET.  At the second traffic light you will be at the intersection of LAKE STREET and EAST SADDLE RIVER ROAD.  It has a landmark that anyone in the area will know about:  a 7-11 type store called Elmers which has an attached Lukoil gas station.  Keep driving west.  Do not turn. Turn left at the next traffic light onto WEST SADDLE RIVER ROAD.  The Methodist Church is 1/10 of a mile down the road on your left.



Follow ROUTE 59 until you come to Norris Pontiac in Monsey and turn south at the  traffic light unto ROUTE 306.   This road is also called EAST SADDLE RIVER ROAD.  Head south towards New Jersey.  (Note:  Although the maps show this road as Route 306, and that's what everyone calls it, after you make the turn, the sign reads ROUTE 73.  Don't ask me to explain it.)  Stay on ROUTE 306 for 2.3 miles Note that there is a long stretch between the first and second traffic lights.

Turn right at the second traffic light which is the intersection of EAST SADDLE RIVER ROAD and LAKE STREET.  Elmers, a 7-11 type store with an attached Lukoil gas station, is at this corner.  Proceed west and turn left at the next traffic light onto WEST SADDLE RIVER ROAD.  The Methodist Church is 1/10 of a mile down the road on your left.