Website Reconstruction

November 2010 Update:
The time - critical work on the big Page Transplant project has been completed.  Most of the Association's former Google Group Pages have been moved somewhere on this website, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
The situation is like a hurried move to a better house.  It's better built and there's more room, but we have boxes all over the floor.  It will be at least another month until everything is unpacked and put away properly, i.e. links repointed and text rewritten.
The work goes on, but a lot has been accomplished.
Details of the project follow.
October 2010:
Short Version:
Keeping the Website current will be a challange for the next month or so.  Apologies from the Mangagement.
Long Version:
There is currently a lot of behind the scenes work happening on the website.  Google has announced that they will first be freezing and then deleting all Files and Pages on their various Google Groups.  We are in process of transferring 900+ pages from these Google Groups to the website.  For technical reasons, it is much easier to do this work before Google freezes things on November 1, 2010.
[November Note:  Google actually extended this deadline to early January 2011.  I assume that there were lots of people screaming at Google for such short notice.]
Site updates will be slower during this transition.  Many links will go nowhere until they are repointed to their new homes.
On the upside, this will ultimately result in a much better Association Website.
I just wish I had more time to accomplish this.
Phil De Parto