.About the S F A B C

Last Update:  03/13/16.
The Science Fiction Association of Bergen County, New Jersey began meeting in January 1984.  The organization provides a framework where its members can share their enthusiasm and explore the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, horror and similar areas of interest.  The Association encompasses books, comics, film, science, television and other media.
The S F A B C conducts a General Meeting on the evening of the second Saturday of each month.  These meetings normally feature talks, slide shows, and other presentations by writers, editors, artists, film makers, literary agents, scientists, and other experts in science fiction and the related films.  Most meetings are preceded by videos and talks.  This is our normally largest function each month.  You can find directions to the meeting site under Directions, and a preview of the meeting at the Meeting Notice Google Group.  A list of past and upcoming programs and speakers appears under General Meeting.  Links to 25 years of meetings and speakers appear there as well.
The club also has a number of smaller gatherings each month.  These include book and television discussions, watching movies, and other events.  Some are held at book stores.  Some are held at members' homes.  Some are held elsewhere.  We shorthand these smaller get togethers as Book Store Events.  You will find more information about these groups under Book Store Events.
Our members share information and their opinions on the S F A B C Google Discussion Groups.  There are groups devoted to books/authors, movies, science, television and writing.  We also have a Personals Group for anything which does not easily fit into the other groups.  The first four groups mentioned are public groups, which means that anyone can view their contents, although only Association members can post to them.  The other groups are Private groups which are invisible to non members.  The Pages of the Book, Movie, and Television Groups have additional information about how some books, movies, etc. have a connection to the club.  You can explore these groups at Information / Discussion Groups.
The S F A B C produces two monthly publications:  THE STARSHIP LOCAL and THE STARSHIP EXPRESS, and a very intermittent one, THE STARSHIP SHUTTLE .  You can find out more about these under Publications.  There is also a copy of each of these works posted there.
We welcome your comments and hope that you can join us for these events.