Video Program
February 14, 2009 Preview

The February 2009 Meeting will feature a video program of short works.  These will be listed in this space as we confirm the features.

QUARK:  Goodbye, Polumbus

The short lived science fiction comedy series QUARK has been unavailable for three decades.  Richard Benjamin stars as Adam Quark, commander of an interstellar garbage scow.  This episode is an parody/homage to a number of STAR TREK episodes including Shore Leave and The Menagerie, as well as to one of the Larry "Buster" Crabbe FLASH GORDON movie serials.  Note:  The title is a play on the title, GOODBYE, COLUMBUS,  a film starring Richard Benjamin and Ali Mc Graw.

RED DWARF:  Quarantine

This may be the weirest episode of this UK science fiction comedy series, and that is really saying something.  Hologram Rimmer is infected with a computer virus which makes him insane and homicidal.

STAR TREK New Voyages:  World Enough and Time

This is one in a series of fan produced STAR TREK episodes, made in cooperation with Paramount.  A number of professional STAR TREK professionals have written, starred, or otherwise been involved with this ongoing intermittent series.  This hour long episode focuses on George Takei, who reprises his role as Sulu.  Fans are cast for Kirk, Spock, and others in the show.


Additional shorts to be announced.