Peter Gutierrez


Peter Gutierrez has been a professional writer for close to twenty years. 


To this day, he may be best known for his work in comics in the 1990’s, when he wrote the best-selling indie title Shi: The Way of the Warrior, eventually spending several years under contract developing a film version that was never produced.  The other comics characters he was fortunate enough to write include Grifter, Gen-13, Daredevil, and Witchblade.  As an editor, he developed the historically-minded Shi: Senryaku mini-series, which featured art by Jeff Smith, Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Lee.  In 1997, he was nominated for a Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for creating and writing Shi: Kaidan, a collection of original Japanese ghost stories on which he collaborated with Michael Kaluta, David Mack, and Stan Sakai. 

These days Peter is still involved in the world of comics and graphic novels, speaking on their value to both literature and literacy at comic book conventions and other major conferences.  Much of his work in this area is done as an advisor to Diamond Book Distributors, to whose magazine BookShelf he is a contributor.  Peter also uses comics in his teaching in the Montclair school system, where earlier this year he taught a media literacy course entitled “What Makes a Superhero Super?”  He has been teaching film appreciation and media literacy since 1990, most recently a course called “Fantasy Films—from Oz to Harry Potter.” 


For the education market Peter has authored several books, on topics such as European literature and Asian culture, and has edited many more.  He has written non-fiction and fiction for print and media publishers such as Scholastic, Sesame Workshop, Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, and National Geographic.  His specialty is the use of high-interest media in the classroom and he is a member-elect of the Commission on Media of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the largest teacher organization in the U.S.  He is also the Education Director of SPLAT!, the graphic novel symposium.  And for School Library Journal his articles cover a variety of topics related to the graphic format. 

As a film and pop culture critic for Firefox News, Peter’s essays, reviews, interviews, and reportage focus on horror movies, thrillers, and Asian genre films, whether they appear in theaters, at film festivals, or on DVD.  He also covers manga, graphic novels, children’s books, television, and whatever else interests him in his work for FFN.  Other publications that he has contributed to include Shroud, Withersin, and The Financial Times; and he has recently started writing literary and film criticism for Rue Morgue, generally considered the preeminent horror publication in English.  This fall his online work is set to appear on the science-fiction Web site Strange Horizons and on ComiPress, with his column “Black and White in a Color World”; he also blogs on media for MIT’s Project New Media Literacies.


Very occasionally Peter still produces fiction; this summer two short stories of his were published in anthologies, Dark Territories, from GSHW, and the third volume of Read by Dawn, the prestigious international series affiliated with Edinburgh’s Dead by Dawn film festival.  Other markets he has sold short genre fiction into include Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, TQR Stories, Unicorn 8, and Rending the Veil.  In 2006, the editors of the online literary magazine AntiMuse selected his horror poem, “his face, a rebuttal” for “Best in Show” honors. 



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