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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Author Elizabeth Bear


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*      Welcome to the Home Page of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County (New Jersey)!      *


For over 20 years, the Association has promoted an appreciation for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and related subjects.  The S F A B C sponsors appearances by writers, artists, editors, filmmakers and others of note at its monthly General Meeting in Bergen County, New Jersey.  It also organizes book, movie, television, and other media screenings, discussions, and other presentations in the county and nearby areas.


Please contact Director Philip De Parto at


The Association's monthly General Meeting is the centerpiece of the organization.  Meetings normally feature an expert in some aspect of science fiction, fantasy, horror, or related matters sharing their knowledge, experiences and answering questions.  The General Meeting is preceded by videos and discussions most months of the year.  A list of recent and upcoming meetings follows.

Note:  The S F A B C's monthly meeting notice, THE STARSHIP LOCAL, provides more detailed information about the General Meeting, including details about the speaker and directions to the meeting site.

THE STARSHIP LOCAL can be accessed below under WEB GROUPS.

A complete list of General Meetings can be accessed through Speakers & Programs under WEB GROUPS.

Directions to our meeting site can be accessed here:  Meeting Directions


Recent and Upcoming General Meetings:

2010:  Schedule in Progress

.....MARCH 13, 2010..........Neil Clarke:  Editor/Publisher Clarkesworld Magazine 

.....FEBRUARY 13, 2010.....To Be Announced

.....JANUARY 9, 2010..........Scott Michael Wilson, Genre Film Journalist

2009                                                                                           2008

DECEMBER  12, 2009                                                                    DECEMBER 13, 2008

....To Be Announced                                                                   .....Holiday Party / Pot Luck Dinner

.....To Be Announced                                                                  .....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

NOVEMBER 14, 2009                                                                    NOVEMBER 8, 2008

.....Author Elizabeth Bear                                                            .....Film Maker Ted Bohus / Film:  Hell on Earth

.....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                        .....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

OCTOBER 10, 2009                                                                     OCTOBER 11, 2008

.....Author/Game Designer Bard Bloom                                       .....Artist Ken Kelly

.....Yeager Residence, Paramus                                                   .....Yeager Residence, Paramus

SEPTEMBER 12, 2009                                                                   SEPTEMBER 13, 2008

.....Film Maker Paul Chau - Scalp, the Movie                                  .....Film Critic/Author Peter Gutierrez

.....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                          .....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

AUGUST 8, 2009                                                                            AUGUST 9, 2008

.....Fantasy Author Katherine Marsh                                             .....Fantasy Writer S C Butler

.....Barnes & Noble, Hackensack                                                   .....Barnes & Noble, Hackensack

JULY 11, 2009                                                                                JULY 12, 2008

.....Fantasy Writer Joshua Palmatier                                                                      .....Fantasy Writer David Keck

.....Barnes & Noble, Hackensack                                                    .....Barnes & Noble, Hackensack

JUNE 13, 2009                                                                                JUNE 14, 2008

.....SF/Fantasy Writer Aaron Rosenberg                                        .....Fantasy Writer Anton Strout

.....Borders Books, Ramsey                                                            .....Borders Books, Ramsey

MAY 9, 2009                                                                                    MAY 10, 2008

.....Tor Books Editor Liz Gorinsky                                                     .....Author/Journalist James Broderick

.....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                            .....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

APRIL 11, 2009                                                                                APRIL 14, 2008

.....Astronomer/Author Thomas Wm Hamilton                                  .....Media Writer Arlen Schumer

.....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                            ....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

MARCH 14, 2009                                                                              MARCH 8, 2008

.....YA Author Robin Wasserman                                                      .....Video:  Doctor Who 2007 X-Mas Special

.....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                            .....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

FEBRUARY 14, 2009                                                                          FEBRUARY 9, 2008

.....Video Program                                                                             .....Editor John Joseph Adams

.....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                             .....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center

JANUARY 24, 2009                                                                            JANUARY 12, 2008

.....Librarian Latricia Markle                                                              .....Science Fiction Writer Jeff Somers

.....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                            .....Saddle River Valley Cultural Center



The General Meeting is only one of the activities sponsored each month by the S F A B C.  A current list of ongoing monthly club activities appears below.


First Tuesday of each Month:   FINAL FRONTIER.

.....SF Television Discussion Group, Borders Books, Ramsey, New Jersey, 8:00 PM

.....Next Event:  November 3,  2009 ..... Fall Season TV Review.

First Thursday of each Month:  MONSTERS OF HORROR.

.....Horror Book Discussion Group, Barnes & Noble, West Nyack, New York,  8:00 PM.

.....Next Book:  November 5, 2009 ..... THE WOLFMAN by Nicholas Pekearo.

Second Wednesday of each Month:  THAT'S SCIENCE FICTION, PART TWO!

.....Video Viewing Group, Member's Home, Waldwick, New Jersey, 7:30 PM.

.....Next Video:  October 14, 2009.....DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH.

Second Saturday of each Month:  GENERAL MEETING.

.....Guest Speaker plus pre meeting Videos & Discussion.  Various Sites, 8:00 / 6:00 PM.

.....Next Meeting:  November 14, 2009..........Author Elizabeth Bear, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

.....Pre Meeting Videos (6:15 PM) and Discussion (6:30 PM).

Third Tuesday of each Month:   TOPIC DISCUSSION GROUP.

.....Discussion of Theme or Device in Book, Film, TV, etc., Barnes & Noble, West Paterson. 8:00 PM.

.....Next Discussion:  October 20, 2009.....Memorable Planets.

Fourth or Fifth Sunday of each Month:  WRITERS OF THE WEIRD.

.....Critique Group for Aspiring Authors, Member's Home, Waldwick, NJ, 4:00 PM.

.....Next Session:  October 27,  2009.

 Last Week Night of each Month:  MONTH END BOOK GROUP.

.....Food Court near Borders Books, Paramus Park Mall, Paramus, New Jersey, 7:30 PM.

.....Next Book:  Friday, October 30, 2009, BLOOD AND IRON by Elizabeth Bear.


.....Days, Times, and Locations Vary by Event.

.....Next Event:  Saturday, October 17, 2009,  Halloween Party:  Food.   Conversation.  Videos.

.....Member's Home, Waldwick, New Jersey, 7:00 PM.


You can preview upcoming events on a month by month basis at SFABC (nj) Monthly Events listed below under WEB GROUPS.

A more detailed description of these events on an activity by activity basis appears at SFABC (nj) Bookstore Events listed below under WEB GROUPS.



The Association produces two monthly periodicals, THE STARSHIP EXPRESS and THE STARSHIP LOCAL.

THE STARSHIP EXPRESS is distributed to members of the Association.  The newsletter includes a preview of the current month's meeting, directions to the meeting site, a list of S F A B C activities for the month, information about readings, signings, conventions, movies and other events of interest.  It also includes news about members, a write up of the previous month's meeting, and a recap of the prior month's activities.

THE STARSHIP LOCAL is available to anyone.  This meeting notice previews the current meeting, gives directions to the meeting site, and lists the group's monthly events



We have recently started a number of Google Groups devoted to different aspects of the Association and of science fiction and related genres.  The groups are by and large in their infancy.  We have divided them into two classes of groups:  Informational Groups and Discussion Groups.  The Informational Groups are intended to present information about the Association to everyone.  Discussion Groups are intended as an opportunity for S F A B C members to participate in a dialogue about the genre.  At the present time, we allow anyone to view these pages, but only members can interact.

General Note about our Google Groups:  Clicking on the View All next to PAGES will display the PAGES in the sequence they should appear.



These groups provide information about aspects of the Association.


This group distributes the Association's monthly Meeting Notice, THE STARSHIP LOCAL.  Request a group invitation or simply book mark it for reference.  The address is:  Meeting Notice



This group represents a massive undertaking which is only partically completed.  It's first function is as a simple listing of past guest speakers and programs of the Association since its inception in 1984.  Second, it reproduces accounts and other information about each meeting.  Third, it provides information about the guest speaker.  Finally, it will allow members present at the meeing to add their memories and experiences of the meeting to the account.  The address is:  Programs & Speakers



This group provides an overview of the Association's monthly events excluding the monthly General Meeting.  It lists past, present, and future books, movies, topics, etc. examined by these events, as well as where these gatherings are held.  Defunt groups and groups no longer affiliated with the S F A B C are indicated with (parentheses).  The address is:  Bookstore Events



This group displays current and upcoming Association events in more detail than the website.  The address is

SFABC Monthly Events 



These groups permit members to share interests and information.


This group focuses on Science, Technology, and Science/Tech oriented Science Fiction.  At the present time, the overwhelming majority of group are posts of science articles in the MESSAGES section.  In time, we hope to devote more effort to discussions of Hard Science Fiction.  The address is: SFABC Science & Science Fiction


This group discusses TV series classic and current.  There are two aspects to this group.  The PAGES list television series which bear a connection to the Association, such as novels about the show written by past guest speakers, discussions about the show, and episodes screened at events.  The DISCUSSIONS are notes and posts about series old and new.  The address is:  SFABC Television 



This group discusses genre movies.  Like the Television Group, this has two aspects.  The PAGES list movies which have a connection to the Association.  The DISCUSSIONS post news and opinions about classic and contemporary movies.  The address is:  SFABC Movies



Our newest Group focuses on science fiction, fantasy, and horror books and stories.  The PAGES are for books examined at one of the Association's past or present book groups.  The DISCUSSIONS post reviews, commentary, news, and opinions about genre works of literature.  The address is:  SFABC Books  


An older version of our website exists which has information of interest including sample postings of THE STARSHIP EXPRESS and reprints of articles from the newsletter.  To access the old site, click here:  Old Site



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