posted Feb 20, 2012, 6:42 AM by Water Project

GIS, Geographic Informational Science or Geospatial Informational Studies, is a visual tool that allows for a unique type of map. Similar to Photoshop, GIS software uses layers to construct the final images. This allows the user the option of viewing all of the layers or just those selected. Perhaps the most interesting component of GIS is that layers are constructed with existing data sets. This allows a custom map to be constructed as the user is able to modify its components based on their unique need.  

As multiple variables can be represented visually and simultaneously, the process of decision making becomes a visual process and can aid the users’ end goal. Also, GIS is useful for education as it can track and compile location based items. Here, The Universities of Texas and Colorado expand upon both the definition of GIS and its applications. 

Here is a video that explains GIS and its many uses:

YouTube Video

The GIS software we will be using is GIS Cloud. GIS Cloud is online software that, like other GIS systems allows users to compile data such as raw data, Google maps, topological graphs, as well as reference other existing maps on their site.

Here is an a screenshot of a map of Santa Fe available on the GIS Cloud site:

In Santa Fe, the ITT GIS is responsible for producing GIS relevant to the city. Copies of these maps are available for a fee or can be accessed online via the ITT Gis website. 

Here is the ITT GIS map of Loading Zones in Santa Fe

Full Version of this Map

Thus far, learning GIS is going okay. There are somethings that are not listed in the manual and there is a lack of tutorials available on the web. Nonetheless, we are determined to learn this software so that its full capabilities can be used in our project. As a whole, our team is continuing to progress with both our proposal and individual deliverables. We are going to have our infographics critiqued by our fellow classmates this week as well as a final draft of our proposal. Stay tuned for more updates!