Histotechnology & Histochemistry online laboratory resources

The lab manual used in my histochemistry course is Laboratory Methods in Histotechnology - Armed Forces Institute of Pathology - edited by Edna B. Prophet, Bob Mills, Jacquelyn B Arrington, Leslie H. Sobin, M.D. 1992
ISBN 1-881041-00.   References to the "AFIP lab manual" in these pages is not an endorsement or recommendation for this particular text.  If you are interested in purchasing it - order it directly from the American Registry of Pathology at their online bookstore (make sure to select Item FS07) at

Manual of Histochemical Stain Methods - This is a great online histochem lab manual posted by the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center. It might even replace the hard copy textbook I'm using for the Histochemistry course, once I get a chance to really go through and evaluate it.  It covers most staining techniques that are in our current book, plus many others I've never heard of before. 

StainsFile - An Internet Resource for Histotechnologists - This site has a wealth of information about stains, histo lab methodology and stuff related to histotechnology.  The histotech responsible for it is still building it - but there's lots in here already.  Another site for research.

Anatomical Pathology Procedure Manual - This document is an approximate copy of some sections in the ANATOMIC PATHOLOGY PROCEDURE MANUAL of the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System. The document is a public-domain, draft copy and has no official status. The document may be copied freely.  It's on the Pathology resources page - and it's here because of the staining procedures in it.

Histotechniques from WebPath - Topics covered include tissue selection, processing, fixation, sectioning and basic staining. 

Histology Lab Procedure Manuals from WebPath - Many of the stains and solutions that are in our course AFIP lab manual are listed here.  But these procedures have purpose and principle written for each stain, which our lab manual doesn't.

Special stains in Histology from WebPath - These are nice, too - they explain many of thespecial stains for cellular components or for microorganisms...and show examples of positive stain results.

onlineHISTOPREPMANUAL.pdf from unknown author at Smith College.  Don't let the first page, which is mostly blank, fool you...this is an almost complete version of a histotech book that apparently was never published.  The pdf file was sent to me years ago and I have found it, still online with no author credit, on Smith's College's Histology course web site at

Gallery of Histological Sections & Cytology Smears - Examples of specific staining  results on tissues - really nice photomicrographs and another place to look for positive staining results.

Histotechnology Technical Methods - Staining Protocols - A list of 100 or so histology lab staining procedures/protocols.

Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry - This is the search page for the Journal of Histochem & Cytochem.  You can plug key words into the title or title and abstract boxes - like the name of a stain - then hit search and see what's been published in this journal on the topic.

Stains in Neuropathology - Don't let the name of this web site put you off - it's actually a nice collection of many common stains used in the histopathology laboratory. 

Examples of common histochem stains with functional explanations - This site was found by a former APA student in my course.  From the URL, I'm guessing it comes from an educational institution in Vermont. The link takes you to the first example - the H&E stain. Go to the bottom of the page and you'll find links to other common stains which are illustrated and explained. 

Special Stains Using the Microwave - We occasionally try microwave staining, so it's good to  have a reference devoted just to this topic.

Find MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) fast - This site is an exchange service - plug in the name of the reagent or chemical that you're searching for an MSDS for in the search box at the top of the page and that's it.  You do not have to register to use the search service.