By some estimates we’ll need more food in the next 40 years than in the previous 10,000 combined.

Soils are depleted, agriculture uses 80% of surface water and fresh water supplies are shrinking. Ag is the #1 source of greenhouse gases, and climate change could suddenly impact major crops. A lot of people are addressing many aspects of this situation and the area we focus on is hyperlocal hydroponics. These systems can be indoor or outdoor, in a greenhouse or a warehouse, for consumer or commercial use, and they've been designed from the start to use low voltage DC so that options for battery backup and solar power will be economical.

The commercial market is well established and growing, the hobby market is strong and growing, and the consumer market is all but non-existent. The chart validates the need for products suitable for the consumer and other casual growers like restaurant owners, academic settings, and so on. People have been trying to come up with such a product line that could grow significant volumes of food since the 1950’s. Only recently has the technology in other fields become available for use in these systems.

Simple enough to be used in primary schools, sophisticated enough for advanced growers.

Depending on what and how much you grow, the system could pay for themselves or even turn a profit in the first season.

The systems scale seamlessly from small consumer sized gardens right into small commercial sizes.

Like the iPhone, Seymour integrates three solutions into one product. Each of these could stand on it’s own, but bringing them together creates a complete universal hydroponic system that can be used by the greatest number of people to grow the widest variety of plants, in just about any space you have available to grow plants in.

NOTE: These ship in very small packages! (UPS, FedEx, etc.)

Going vertical can greatly increase the outputs in a small space. Vertical can be combined with horizontal and possible variations are unlimited.

A trellis can provide support for climbing vines, or we can clip plants to a string mesh hanging from the trellises so sprawling plants that normally take up a lot of area on the ground can grow on vertical planes.

People with small spaces to grow in can harvest larger volumes by going vertical.

Automating many functions into a user-friendly, cost effective, efficient appliance. Simple enough for primary school students, yet sophisticated enough for university level research. Runs on safe, low voltage DC, ready for battery backup and solar power.

Designed to be able to pay for itself in a single season growing common fruits and vegetables in a typical backyard. Every layout can be customized to suit the plants you want to grow in the space you have available for them.

Verical setups can hang from an eave, or a wall, or even a fence. They can also be suspended inside a greenhouse..

Cannabis growers and others can get strong starts on small plants in a compact system a small room where the photoperiod and other conditions can be tightly controlled. The plants can easily be transplanted to a sister system with greater spacing between plants for further growth.

Our product line is unrivaled, so we don’t really have competition per se, but these are some of the products for consumers and hobbyists. The AeroGro is a countertop garden that doesn’t produce much. The Tower Garden has no automation, other than an optional timer for the pump, and one of our fully automated systems could produce forty times as much.

The ZipGrow vertical columns appear to be vinyl fence posts with a slot cut in one side. $500 for two 5' towers. A simple Seymour system is designed to have as many as 40 vertical tubes and will cost a minor fraction of the equivalent ZipGrow system, but the ZipGrow has no automation while Seymour will be fully automated!

Our business is designing and marketing revolutionary products that enable average people to grow significant volumes of the widest possible variety of food in as many different spaces as possible , to lower the cost of food by 75% or more while raising the bar on food quality and food security around the world.

Our most valuable inventions have not been introduced here.

Expert Opinions

"I see at least five new hydroponic inventions every week. None of them come close to what you've created." Jamie Chittum, Grow-Tech Cellular Rooting Sponge Technology. www.grow-tech.com

"The system Steve has invented is radical and will revolutionize the industry." Rod Davis, a 28 year veteran of the retail and wholesale hydroponic industry, at National Garden Wholesale, the leading distributor of hydroponics in the US that grossed $127 M in 2009. www.sunlightsupply.com

"You've taken this farther than anyone else. Definitely keep going!" Jack Peters, JR Peters Inc. hydroponic nutrient formulator for over 65 years. www.jrpeters.com

"We are excited by this project both from an engineering perspective and from a gardening perspective as both Chris and I are gardeners with interest in hydroponics and the advantages. As we discussed, with current world economics being what they are, and the price of food continuing to rise due to weather situations, this seems to be the perfect time for introduction of a simple hydroponics solution. " Bob Witter, Device Solutions, www.device-solutions.com

"You realize this is going to park a lot of our products." The Marketing manager speaking to his CEO at a major hydroponic wholesaler upon seeing the Seymour presentation. (This company has 6 modern warehouses across the US and delivers to over 1,600 retailers using their own fleet of trucks.)

The vision, scope, scaleability and potential impact of Mr. Kube’s work in the global marketplace is exceptional, and the portfolio of IP* contained in this project is extremely broad. I have never in my career been presented with a project so well conceived, that so completely "connects all the dots”, with so much upside potential. Seymour is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I'm excited to help bring it to the world. ” Robert Burkhardt, former President Slingshot Product Development Group. www.slingshotpdg.com

The above is a fair representation of the feedback Seymour is getting. The feedback is sincere, and it's especially meaningful since it's coming from experts.