Seymour – 1879

Can you find what your home or office looked like in 1879? Where is the Town Hall? The Historical Society? Rogol’s? Stop and Shop? Or even McDonald’s?


Support the Seymour Historical Society while displaying your appreciation of Seymour’s rich history in your home or office! This historical bird’s-eye view map of Seymour – 1879 was located in the files of the U.S. Library of Congress. In honor of our first annual Founder’s Day, Seymour’s own Greenwich Workshop Publishing Co. has reproduced the map for us to sell with the proceeds to benefit the Seymour Historical Society. Entertain your guests and show pride in Seymour’s history by ordering one today!

Bird’s-eye view maps are as entertaining today as they were over 130 years ago. They test your knowledge of your environment and fire your imagination all at the same time. Today, you can order, through the Seymour Historical Society, this map as a Giclée canvas in one of two sizes, either framed or unframed (see box).

            Seymour – 1879 was originally produced as a black and white lithograph by the O.H. Bailey and Co. Publishers of Boston, MA, making this one of the earliest published views of Seymour. The map from which our canvases are produced was most likely hand-tinted, which was popular at the time. The Greenwich Workshop will produce each giclée map as ordered. More importantly, the proceeds from the sale will benefit The Seymour Historical Society and our work to preserve our town’s rich history.

To order, call Carolyn Ivanoff at (203) 735-8739, or Download & Print an order form here:

To preview the image & to try to locate your favorite landmarks, click the image below: