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The year 2015 starts for us (my brother in law, BIL and myself) with this project boiling in our heads and since then we do not have stop yet.
Draw up models, making test, searching for raw materials suppliers, every project seems having no end, until you fix a tight deadline.
Sincerely we believe that the Wet Shave (also known as DE, Double Edge blades) doesn't need another razor, when there are roughly fifty brands and hundreds of models out there. So, we did it. Seygus DE razor, aka SSSeygus (as you can see written in the base plate), a fully anodized AW-6082 T6 aeronautical class aluminium. Not bad.
We, @Seygus and @Thalasos, our foroafeitado nicknames, believe that there is a lot of dirty good razors and that they will remain in the future. 
Before putting the first step in the market, fearing for fierce reactions, we looked at what we had and what we knew regarding wet shaving, without forgetting to test our machining skills and try to design a pretty safe razor head but with an aggressive shape: How can you get a big teeth razor within a safety bar one in a full machined head? And we did it. There was possible.
Quite impressive. Don't you?
Many people ask to us for an stainless steel model. May be in the future, when we have enough revenues to invest in the machinery and in a new design. Cause an steel version it will weight 40 gr1.41 oz and needs a bag of fresh money: The Thor hammer. We have to give it a full round six hats thinking. 

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The map shows where the razors travel. May be somebody is shaving with it right now.

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