This is the website for Mr. Seyfried's College Crew.

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In 8th grade we will be finishing our study of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and then we will read Confessions of a Scholarship Winner.  The author of Confessions of a Scholarship Winner writes that her ideal audience is 8th graders because the best way to gain college scholarships is to do a lot of planning ahead for your high school years.  You can get a used copy of the book for a very low price on Amazon:

Community Service requirement for ATC's 8th Grade:  All 8th grade students must complete 15 hours of community service per semester (30 hours total for the school year).  The hours must be logged on the X2VOL system.  To help you learn this web-based volunteer tracking system, watch the YouTube videos in this playlist:

Your 7th Period class, which is called “Leadership” on your schedule, is the second year of ATC’s College Crew program.  This class meets briefly on Wednesday and for a full period on Thursday (see the full bell schedule).

The purpose of College Crew is to help students build their skills in organization, time management, school community, and academic literacy (including college search & application in high school). 

In 8th grade, your College Crew teacher will:

  •        Check your grades every week and discuss any low grades with you
  •         Assign a grade for the quality of the organization of your school materials
  •         Guide you in completing community service
  •         Ensure that you feel safe from bullying and help you become a fearless learner
  •         Communicate with your parents about absences (by phone after 3, conference after 5)

For College Crew homework assignments, go to the Assignments section by clicking on "Assignments" on the left side of this webpage.