How to Use A Butterfly Vibrator

A butterfly vibrator is an adult novelty which has helped thousands of women and couples have a more satisfying experience when it comes to sex.  An example of this toy is the butterfly climaxer. These toys are so named because they are in the shape of a butterfly and are designed to stimulate the clitoris.

Another thing which differentiates a butterfly vibrator from other vibrating adult novelties is that it has straps which go around the waist and thighs to keep the toy in place without your having to hold it.  A hands-free toy, couples can use it during foreplay and sexual intercourse.

A butterfly vibrator can be of the traditional type which is simply the vibrator with straps attached or simply strap on vibrator, to a wireless toy which is controlled by a remote control panel, to one which, in addition to a clitoral stimulator, has a dildo for vaginal stimulation or an anal stimulator attached.  These toys are typically made of latex, silicone and plastic.

No matter the kind of butterfly vibrator you have or choose to acquire, there are some things you can do to make sure your experience with these type of adult novelties becomes or remains to be a pleasurable experience.

First is to make sure that you are using a clean toy.  Sex toys which are left unclean can become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms which can cause irritation or health problems.  Even a new toy out of the box should be cleaned because it may still have chemical residue from the manufacturing process left on its surface.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your toy and never submerge it in water or any cleaning agent.

Second is to make sure that you have and use an adequate amount of sex toy or personal lubricant.  While the vagina does excrete its own natural fluids when one is sexually aroused, these fluids are often absorbed by most sex toy materials.  This is especially important if your butterfly vibrator has a dildo attached to it.  The lack of personal lubricant can result in discomfort when using the toy.

Experiment with the different settings to see which feels best.  Whether strong vibrations are which will take you over the top or you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can do this with a remote butterfly vibrator by adjusting your toy’s vibrating speed or intensity to the appropriate settings.