Extreme sex toys

Seeing the words extreme sex toys can illicit different reactions from people.  For some adding “extreme” to sex toys makes it even more intimidating.  For others, feelings of curiosity or excitement are the primary emotions which come up when hearing these words.

What an extreme sex toy is can be very relative.  What for some people are hardcore and extreme sex toys can be something very ordinary.  Nevertheless, there are some sex toys which many consider extreme.  Curious about these kinds of toys?  Here are some examples.

Extreme masturbation aids

We may be familiar with masturbation aids designed to enhance the sensations experienced during masturbation.  These masturbation aids simulate the feeling of sexual intercourse as you indulge in your fantasies.  Examples of these masturbation aids are pocket pussies and love dolls.  Some kinds of love dolls however are manufactured to look and feel like real women.  Real Sex Dolls in the US and Candy Girls in Japan manufacture these ultra realistic sex dolls to the tune of thousands of dollars.  These female sex dolls are so anatomically correct that some educational institutions use them to teach about health related topics.  They also feature realistic eyes, skin, and hair.  The complexion, body style, and the presence of pubic hair can be customized.

Anal toys

For some people, anal penetration is not something which could be classified as extreme.  The truth however, is that many people are leery of anal penetration because it is not something which is conventional.  Examples of anal toys are pro psl anal dildos, anal wands, and prostate massagers.  Some of these kinds of toys have motors which allow them to vibrate and gyrate for added stimulation.

Bondage equipment

When it comes to intimidating sex toys which can truly be called extreme, the equipment used in BDSM can truly be called as such.  Smother boxes, pillories, restraints, whips and even their attire will fall into the category what many consider extreme sex toys or adult novelties.  While the BDSM lifestyle is not for everyone, some mild forms of bondage have been practiced by couples who are more conventional in their sexual preferences and practices.