Ruth Hazelton

MSc Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy, Relate Cert Couple Counselling, MCOSRT (Accredited) MBACP (registered).

I am a fully qualified therapist with ten years experience, offering relationship counselling and psychosexual therapy to couples and individuals.

I am an integrative therapist. This means that I use a range of theoretical ideas and systems in order to find the best way to work with you instead of trying to make you fit my way of working.

I  can offer sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, evening and day-time appointments.

I am continuing to offer sessions during the current lock down, but all sessions will take place via Skype - please contact me for further details.    

Psychosexual Therapy

This is a structured programme for couples and individuals who are experiencing physical and/or psychological blocks to having a good sexual relationship.
This would include problems like:
  • Not getting erections
  • Ejaculating too soon
  • Fear of penetration
  • Lack of orgasm
  • Pain before, during or after sex
  • Feelings of anxiety that stop you feeling able to have sex
  • Low desire

Whatever the problem, if it is stopping you from being able to enjoy an intimate relationship with your partner, come and talk about it.

The idea of a "structured programme"  may sound a little off-putting, but I aim to provide a warm, friendly  and safe environment for you to come and explore your problems. It doesn't matter what the problem is - I will offer a non-judgemental and non-blaming basis for discussion and resolution.

I will ask you to talk and work through the programme in between sessions, and this will need a bit of extra time. It's good to be aware of this from the start so that you can plan ahead to maximise the effectiveness of the therapy.

No problem is too small to be taken seriously. The sooner you take action to improve things the sooner you will feel the benefit!

Counselling with a sexual focus

Many couples find that over time their sexual relationship changes, diminishes or even stops altogether. This can cause tension and upset in the general relationship. This situation can be reversed by good and honest communication. Usually having a third party to help you to get talking is very helpful. I offer you the chance to:
  • build good communication skills
  • resolve underlying problems that may be getting in the way of your intimate relationship
  • talk about sex without feeling embarrassed
  • improve your sex life

Pre marital advice and help

For many new couples who are about to get married, lack of experience or knowledge about sex and intimacy can make the wedding night quite stressful. To help to avoid any embarrassment or disappointment why not come for pre-marriage sex education to find out the answers to all your questions?

Individual work

I offer advice, sex education and counselling to individuals who have problems forming intimate relationships or who have anxieties about sex or body image. 

If you have any concerns about the relationship you are in, or past experiences that have left you feeling uncomfortable about yourself or worried in any way, please come and talk it through.

I work with people from many different cultural backgrounds - I will work hard to understand your problems from your cultural or religious perspective.

I have experience working with same sex couples, and welcome those who are feeling confused about their sexual orientation.

For further details or to book an appointment, call or text me on 07790 260025 or e-mail me at