Argument against sex education

  1. Leads to a greater incidence of premarital sex
  2. Premarital sex rates are increasing
  3. Many believe parents should be the ones informing their children of sex, not the teachers
    1. Schools have no right teaching sex education to children
    2. Parent's organizations formed as a result consist of: Sanity of Sex (S.O.S.), Parents Against Universal Sex Education (PAUSE), and the Movement to Restore Decency (MOTOREDE).
  4. Teachers are eager to seduce young children into a life of immortality (Digg, 1969).
  5. Classes are too specific, too early, and too stimulating for young children.
However, in 1998, the National Survey of Americans on Sex and Sexual Health surveyed the a random sample of general public and parents through two nationwide telephone surveys and majority believed that students should be taught abstinence, pregnancy and STD prevention in schools.

  • Most parents are not comfortable with discussing sex.
  • Most parents hope their child is learning about sex through other sources such as television, movies, friends, and school (Paul, 2007). 
  • Interview of child psychologist
  • World Health Organiztion studied 35 sex education programs and found no evidence that the programs encourage kids to engage in sex (Paul, 2007).