Free Basic Pants Pattern

Fits American Girl Doll, Gotz, Pleasant Company, My Generation, and other 18" Dolls

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This is a very simple pants pattern for 18" dolls.  I have used it to make warm-ups, snow pants, leggings, jeans, etc. 

This is an example of the free pattern made from flannel for a pj bottom.  You can shorten the pattern to get a capris length pj as well.  I get alot of my ideas by looking at other websites to see what they are making and to find out what I can do with my patterns, what styles are popular, colors, etc.









This is an example of the pants made from fleece. 







Free Basic Doll Pants Pattern for American Girl Doll Clothes


  1. Cut 2 on fold (note dashed line is fold line if you want to make tight leggings
  2. sew down ribbon up the middle the pattern (if you are making warm-ups
  3. sew front crotch seam
  4. turn over waistband to make channel for elastic
  5. hem legs (add any decorative trim you are using now)
  6. insert 11" of elastic into channel
  7. sew up rear crotch seam
  8. sew up legs (at this point you have the two legs connected at the front crotch and rear crotch.  you are going to refold the pants so that the two crotch seams are sitting on top of one another like your pants are.  This will form the two legs.  You sew up the 2 legs in one seam.

Pants Pattern PDF