Youth Mentor Hunt

Upcoming Youth Mentor Hunt 

Youth-Mentor Pheasant Hunt - Sat, October 14, 2017


Youth & Adults Mentors To Participate In The Seward County Pheasants Forever Chapter 


Oak Creek Sporting Club- Brainard, NE 

For More Information Contact:

Seward County Pheasants Forever Chapter 
Attn: Youth-Mentor Hunt Coordinator
P.O. Box 272 
Seward, NE 68434 

Or call: Aaron Hershberger  402.646.5265


Youth and mentors enjoyed an educational, fun time this past year at the Seward County PF Youth-Mentor Hunt. The event took place at Oak Creek Sporting Club near Brainard, NE. Each youth had a designated mentor to share the experiences of the day. 
After gun safety, practicing shooting and other educational points were covered, each youth and their mentor went on a short hunt. Each youth had the opportunity for two birds, and the success rate was good! Other activities were shot patterning, archery, and bird cleaning. Each youth received a PF youth hunting vest PF cap, and other accessories. Breakfast was provided to start the day, and the noon meal was also served. 
To participate, youth must have completed hunter safety certification and be under 16 years old. Contact Aaron Hershberger(402.646.5265) to learn more about the 2017 Youth-Mentor Hunt and to volunteer as a mentor for this event.