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Oswaldo Sevilla

oswaldo.sevilla [at]

Ph.D. Student at CIMAT: Algebraic Geometry, L-series of certain Calabi-Yau Varieties.
Advisor: Dr. Pedro Luis del Angel, luis [at]

M.Sc. Mathematics: CIMAT.

B.Sc. Mathematics:
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (National Autonomous University of Honduras) (UNAH)
Graduation project: A Study of the permutation group of the Rubik’s cube.

Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Calabi-Yau varieties.


"Calabi-Yau Varieties", for the Students Seminar, CIMAT 10/08/2018

“Fractional Calculus”, during the event “Semana de la Carrera de Matemáticas”, UNAH 2013

“Symplectic Geometry in Mathematical Physics”, during the event “Semana de la Carrera de Matemáticas”, UNAH 2014

“The role of genericity in dynamical systems” seminar, Carrera de Matemáticas UNAH 2015

Spanish:  native
Frenchtechnical reading
 English proficient proficient proficient proficient
 Italian proficient proficient intermediate basic
TOEFL iBT score: 101. Test date: September 6, 2014.

Experience programming in Macaulay2, Fortran 95, Matlab, Octave, C++, Python, QBASIC,  FreeBASIC, SciLab, Maxima, Scripting in Bash. Proficient typesetting in LaTeX.
Proficient in the use of Linux (Debian, openSUSE), Windows, DOS, BASIC
Proficient in the use of Open Office, Microsoft Office, Gnumeric, GIMP, VIM.


jan/2019-jul/2019: teaching assistant, Linear Algebra DEMAT (Mathematics Department, University of Guanajuato, )

aug/2018-jan/2019: teaching assistant, Modern Algebra class, CIMAT (

jan/2018-jul/2018: teaching assistant, Modern Algebra class, CIMAT.

aug/2017-dec/2017: teaching assistant, Linear Algebra II DEMAT (Mathematics Department, University of Guanajuato ) 

jan/2017-jul/2017: teaching assistant, Topology class for masters degree students, CIMAT.

2014 - 2015 Coordinator of the research commission of the School of Mathematics, UNAH

2010 - 2015 Full time professor, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras UNAH
Lecturer of the courses:
- Cálculo I (One variable Calculus)
- Ecuaciones Diferenciales (Ordinary Differential Equations)
- Matemática Discreta (Discrete Mathematics)
- Sistemas Dinámicos I (Linear Dynamical Systems)
- Sistemas Dinámicos II (Nonlinear Dynamical systems, stability)
- Topología (Topology)
- Análisis I (Real Analysis)
- Análisis II (Real Analysis and Lebesgue measure)
- Geometría I (Differential Geometry)
- Geometría II (Introduction to Algebraic Topology)
- Espacios Normados (Introduction Functional Analysis)

2009-2012 Part-time professor, Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana
Lecturer of the courses:
- Theory of computation (formal languages)
- One variable Calculus
- Numerical Methods for civil engineering
- Numerical Methods for Telecommunications engineering (FORTRAN)
- Linear Algebra
- Physics 1
- Geometry and Trigonometry

2005-2008 Assistant lecturer, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras
For the course of Electromagnetism 1 for Electrical Engineering
during three academic periods.

Programming, learning programming languages.
music (playing flute, recorder, guitar. Composing, music theory, study pieces, listen), artistic drawing, origami, backyard astronomy, camping, hiking.
Video games... Metal Gear Solid I-III, turn based strategy (Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem), Metroid, Final Fantasy I-VIII, Castlevania

L-series, Hodge Theory, Kähler manifolds, Riemann Surfaces, Modular Forms
Topology, Algebraic Topology, Differential Topology, Homological Algebra.Algebraic Geometry, Hodge Theory, D-Modules, Kähler Manifolds.
Complex Geometry, Riemann Surfaces.
Differential Geometry: Riemannian Geometry, Simplectic Geometry.
Dynamical Systems: Non-linear systems, Discrete Dynamical Systems, Population Dynamics.
Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Ecology, Population Dynamics and Fisheries.
Mathematical Physics, Electromagnetism, Fluid Dynamics.
Mathematical Economics.
Mathematical applications in Engineering.
Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Computer Science, Linguistics, Formal Languages, Telecommunications, Music and Algorithmic Composition, Acoustics , Signal Analysis, Audio Synthesis, Electromagnetic Field Theory. Fractional differential operators.