Sunday Clubruns

For the a new club run format, our start time will still be 8:30am, but the club run start will leave from the same place every week, in this case the Hollow Tree pub in Bradley Stoke. A pace between 16-18mph is preferred. If you want to go faster, then I suggest you break off on the hills and wait where necessary. Typical time spent out for these runs will be 3-4 hrs

The routes will be listed out a couple of weeks before (see below), but we may be prepared for changes if there are adverse wind /rain/snow conditions

Most of us have mudguards, because even when the weather is fine, more often than not the roads are wet. Even quite close clearance frames will take Crud Roadracer guards. Please ensure you have something as it will be much appreciated by the person behind.

Note that for these club runs below - they may be shortened if the weather is particularly bad.

Club Run -11th Dec 16

Unfortunately I'll not be available for this club run, but why not try the route below? I will put a post on Facebook to see if anyone is happy to lead the ride. The route below is over to Wales and up and down a few hills. There is 1324m of climbing :)


Previous club run routes:

Club Run - 27th Nov 16

Club Run - 4th Dec 16