Summer cyclocross 2016

local CX race : from Western League website with their permission.

The club is actively involved in holding rounds of the Western cyclo-cross summer races and also the winter races.

The summer races tend to be less competitive and more gentle, and also much less muddy.
Summer and Winter cross are fantastic races for anybody who would like to dip their toes into racing off road.

There tends to be a small pack of leaders and then a very broad range of abilities all vying for position behind!

All cross races are Entry on the Line and you don't need a BCF race license either. So far, dates for the summer series have been confirmed as 1st June & 13th July. The winter series is on at Netham Park - 25th Sept, Purdown - 23rd Oct and Oldbury Court - 11th Dec

Please contact Mark for more information: Mark Horton 07966881959


Start Times:-

Wednesday Under 12’s 19.00hrs Free

Youth/Jun/Wom/Vets/Sen 19.30hrs £7/£15

Sunday Under 12’s 11am Free

Youth/Jun/Wom/Vets/Sen 11.30am £7/£15

All events have electronic timing

All Events Are “Go-Cross” No Need For Licence

A condition of entry is all riders spend 10/15 minutes to clear

the course,this enables a later start time and for marshalls to

get home at a sensible time

Helmets mandatory for registration and further details

 Here's some useful info on the series:

 Here's the dates of the races in the series :
 Western League Calender on British Cycling   (opens in a new window).