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So, your looking for a club to join that's based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire? Well look no further because The Severn can help. Take a look at our who's who page to find out who you need to get in touch with to get an answer to your question or just click here to contact the webmaster.

If you've made up your mind The Severn is for you and you want to join, just fill in the application form (attached below), print it off, sign it and then send it, along with a cheque for the membership fee, to the Club Secretary at the address shown. The club strongly recommends that all members have insurance. Please note that if you opt for BC membership it must be at least silver to obtain the insurance. Severn RC is a CTC affiliated club and members can become affiliated to CTC through the Severn giving access to CTC insurance for an additional £24 per annum.

If you're unsure which to join then why not visit their web sites to see which benefits each offers and decide on the one that suits you most. As a guide, if you intend to try your hand at road racing, the track or cyclo-cross then you will need to be a member of British Cycling and apply for a racing license but if you are to stick to time trials or leisure cycling then the CTC may suit you more.

As soon as your membership has been accepted you will be sent a copy of the annual handbook containing the club rules. You will then be eligible to ride in the club's name in CTT (formerly RTTC) and BC  events as well as all club events. Note: You must be a member of BC and have a racing license to take part in BC events.

Third Party Insurance for Severn RC Members


The club rules make it clear that you should take out third party insurance. This can be provided through membership of cycling bodies, including: Cycling UK (£21.50 pa to £43 pa), British Cycling - silver (£43 pa) or gold (£73 pa), or the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (£20 pa), or directly with many insurance companies.


Affiliated membership of Cycling UK (£24 pa), available to members of the SRC, also provides third party insurance as well as other benefits.


You can apply or renew by phone on 01483 238 303. To apply or renew online, see below.


Applying for Individual Affiliated Membership of Cycling UK


You will need the Severn Road Club Code – 9113234


Go to


To see some of the other benefits of Individual Affiliated Membership go to:


Renewing Individual Affiliated Membership of Cycling UK


You should be contacted by Cycling UK about two months before renewal, which will be twelve months after you joined, or after your last renewal date.


If you have not previously registered your membership then you need to register.


Registering membership


You will need your Cycling UK membership number,


Go to


Click on Login tab


Follow directions for Member Registration


Renewal payment






Phone 01483 238 301 on weekdays from 9:00am to 5.30pm. And let us know how to improve these directions.


Severn RC Membership must up-to date


Your application or renewal may be accepted even if your Severn RC membership has lapsed, and it may be some time before you are notified, but, in the mean time, your insurance cover will be invalid.


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