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Evening 10s 2017


Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations




This year the evening 10 events will continue to use the UC186B. The updated course is a full 10 miles, which was used for the first time last year. The events run on the following dates:


Date                        Start Time               Finish Time

11/04/2017              18:45                       20:00                                     

25/04/2017              18:45                       20:15                                      

09/05/2017              18:45                       20:25                                      

23/05/2017              18:45                       20:25                                      

06/06/2017              18:45                       20:25                                      

20/06/2017              18:45                       20:25                                      

04/07/2017              18:45                       20:25

18/07/2017              18:45                       20:25

01/08/2017              18:45                       20:25

15/08/2017              18:45                       20:25

29/08/2017              18:45                       20:00 


Start by the ‘P’ sign in the bus lay-by opposite Marlwood School on the B4461.[GR627884]. Follow the road west, down the hill, and join the M48 roundabout at Aust [3.5 miles], take first exit direction Avonmouth (A403) continue to take left turn (B4055) direction Northwick [5.5 miles] continue over M4 road bridge to turn right [distance 6.3 miles] to continue on the B4055 direction Pilning to turn left [distance 6.7 miles] in to Bank Road. Continue to turn left at junction with Pilning Street [7.6 miles] direction Awkley, and finish at field gateway immediately before motorway bridge [GR597859]. [10.03 miles]. Course is outlined in image below (note: numbers on course refer to km)


TCX file for course can be found here:



HQ is shown on the map above. This is the car park of Olveston Sports Club adjacent to the football pitch (BS32 4PF). Toilet facilities are available in the sports club.

Getting to and from start and finish

To reach the start, turn right out of the car park, travel along Haw lane, taking the first right onto the B4461.

To return to the HQ after finishing, continue in same direction to T junction then turn left in the direction of Tockington, then immediately branch right past The Swan Inn to road junction. Turn right then immediately left up Old Down Hill to HQ at top.




No event can have more than 70 starters. The maximum on any night will be based on light conditions. The last rider must be able to finish and return to the HQ before official ‘lighting up time’. The total number of starters will be decided by the Organisers and displayed on the Information Board adjacent to the signing-on desk.

To avoid disappointment sign on early. Signing on begins from 6:00pm at the HQ. The entry fee depends on riders’ age and club status. Riders can be:-

  • Severn RC riders – paid up members of the Severn RC – first or second claim
    • £3 entry fee for Severn Road Club first and second claim members
    • £2 for Juvenile and Junior first and second claim members. 
    • Note: You can apply to join the Severn RC as a first or second claim rider at the signing on desk or by sending an application form to the Secretary. (Go to ‘Membership’ tab from the home page of the SRC web site.).


  • Guest riders – paid up members of other clubs with paid up 2014 CTT affiliation
    • £4 entry fee for CTT Affiliated Guest Riders
    • £2 for Juniors and Juveniles.


  • CATI riders - riders who are not a member of a CTT affiliated club
    • £4 entry fee for CATI riders
    • £2 for Juniors and Juveniles

CATI (Come And Try It). CATI riders may only ride a total of 3 events before having to join a CTT Affiliated Club to continue to participate in the series. Under 18’s must provide a signed parental consent form.

Entry is ‘on the line’ and is open to riders aged 12 and over. (Under 12s may ride on the back of a tandem.) Riders under 18 must provide a signed parental consent form for the series. Note: A junior rider becomes a Senior in the year of his/her 19th Birthday.










These competitions are open to first and second claim Severn and Guest riders. To qualify riders must have completed at least three rides through the series.

The Brian Paul Memorial Cup and the Syd Marks Trophy are awarded to the rider (any age) and to the veteran rider (40+ on the day of the ride) with the fastest ride of the series.

The Arthur Powel Trophy is back on for 2017, which is an improvements based award. Since the UC186 course is similar to UC186B, results from 2014 & 2015 will be used as baseline times for all competitors. More information on the competition will be available as the evening 10 events progress, but it is important to note that the best 10 out of the 11 events will count for each competitor.



Records are recognised and recorded for men and women, age categories (12 to 18, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+) and machines (bicycles, tricycles, mountain bikes and tandems.) Records are recognised for rides completed in Severn RC events, for riders of any club status and however many rides the record breaker completes in a series.



Every effort is made by the SRC to ensure all competitors complete their ride safely. Key points are marshalled and warning signs and direction signs are placed around the course. However, safety is mostly dependent on how riders conduct themselves. Read any special safety instructions at the Signing-on Sheet at the HQ and any ‘notes for the evening’ posted at the start


The Severn RC strongly recommends all riders wear a Protective Helmet whilst competing in the ‘Evening 10’ Series.

All competitors under the age of 18 years or Juniors must wear a properly fitted protective helmet.

It is the responsibility of the rider to select a Helmet that offers protection against head injury and does not restrict the rider's vision or hearing. The helmet shall also be properly fitted, undamaged and in good condition.

Rear lights

The Severn RC strongly recommends riders fit and use a working rear light. Very bright flashing rear lights are now available at low cost.

Rules of the road

The event is held on open roads. Riders must follow the rules of the road. The CTT rules state that competitors ‘must observe the law of the land’ and ‘in making any turn’ must ‘ensure that it is safe to do so.’ Any riders who fail to obey the law of the land, for example crossing into the opposite carriageway, riding with their head down or riding dangerously, or otherwise contravening CTT Rules and Regulations may be disqualified.


Marshals have no authority to stop traffic, so do not rely on them to do so. Marshals may see a hazard you are not aware of, so please obey any warning the marshal may give and be prepared to stop.


Any questions please contact Event Sec Tom Bertenshaw