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Evening 10 Results 2018

Week 18: 14th Aug

other windy evening - we have had alot of these as of late! This has brought slower than normal times, although it remains to be seen who has PB'd. Turnout is on the up :)

number Rider name Club Cat Race Time (HH:MM:SS) Member Type
1 Lee Francis VC Bristol S 00:22:25 Guest
2 Chris Davis Giant CC Halo Filims V63 00:22:33 Guest
3 Mike Horder Severn RC V51 00:23:24 Member
4 Jacob Sargent Bristol RC S 00:23:43 Guest
5 David Leighton Severn RC V40 00:23:51 Member
6 Steve Barnes Dursley DC V43 00:23:52 Guest
7 Jo Jago Sodbury cycle Sport L 00:23:58 Guest
8 Andy Dutton Bath CC V44 00:24:15 Guest
9 Mark Reynolds Sodbury cycle Sport V50 00:24:35 Guest
10 G Bazley Bristol RC S 00:24:35 Guest
11 Chris Britten Sodbury cycle Sport V42 00:24:47 Guest
12 Richard Emery Severn RC V53 00:25:25 Member
13 Russel Boon Avonlea Treasure RT V53 00:25:31 Guest
14 Lee Palmer Severn RC V47 00:26:22 Member
15 Paul Godman Severn RC V55 00:26:40 Member
16 George Scully Goucester city CC V68 00:27:44 Guest
17 Graham Smith Severn RC V52 00:27:51 Member
18 Maggie Bromley Kingswood Tri V61 00:27:56 Guest
19 Bill Neary Severn RC V46 00:27:59 Member
20 Karen Splteri Avid Sport V54 00:28:04 Guest
21 Iain Stuart Bristol RC S DNS Guest

Week 17: 7 August

Cooler and with another strong breeze slowing progress down the A403.  Thanks are extended to the SRC members who answered the late call for help/marshaling.


Rider name


Race Time (HH:MM:SS)
Member Type
1Iain StuartBristol RCS00:22:18Guest
2Chris DavisGiant CC Halo FilmsV6300:22:28Guest
3Jacob SargentBristol RCS00:23:29Guest
4Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:23:58Member
5Jon MansellRDFCCS00:24:01Guest
6Jake TaySevern RCV4500:24:13Member
7David LeightonSevern RCV4000:24:14Member
8Simon ThextonPerformance CyclesV4300:25:08Guest
Richard Emery
Paul Godman
Severn RC
Severn RC
11George ScullyGlos City CCV6800:27:24Guest
12Louise GeorgiGiant CC Halo FilmsV5100:27:28Guest
13Maggie BromleyKingswood Tri ClubV6100:27:36Guest
14Graham SmithSevern RCV5200:27:57Member
15         Karen SpiteriAvid SportV5400:28:04Guest
16         Allen JanesBristol South CCV7100:28:43Guest
17         Kayna TregaySevern RCL00:30:18Member
18         Gordon LewisKingswood Tri ClubV6900:30:40Guest
19         Craig NilssonRye & Dist. WheelersSDNFMember

Week 16: 31 July

A tough night with a strong breeze in the 'wrong' direction.  Times suffered for most except in the case of Etienne Georgi who stormed around and stopped the watch within about 45 seconds of his own course record.


Rider name



Race Time (HH:MM:SS)

Member Type
1Etienne GeorgiTeam WigginsS00:20:41Guest
2Jacob SargentCATIS00:23:28Guest
3Mark RavenCATIS00:23:35Guest
4Mike HorderSevern RCV5100:23:36Member
5Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:24:00Member
6Lauren JohnstonAvid SportL00:24:55Guest
7Russell BoonAvonlea TreasureV5300:25:41Guest
8Lee PalmerSevern RCV4700:26:15Member
9Paul GodmanSevern RCV5500:26:47Member
10George ScullyGlos City CCV6800:27:14Guest
11Roger BarnesDursley RCV7200:27:31Guest
12Graham SmithSevern RCV5100:28:10Member
13Allen JanesBristol South CCV7100:28:37Guest

Week 15: 24th July

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)Member Type
1Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:23:41Member
2Jacob SargentCATIS00:23:54CATI
3David LeightonSevern RCV4000:24:23Member
4Ian HoffmannCATIS00:24:38CATI
5Andy DuttonBath CCV4400:24:54Guest
6Simon ThextonPerformance CyclesV4300:25:00Guest
7Russell BoonAvonlea TreasureV5300:25:15Guest
8Richard EmerySevern RCV5300:25:27Member
9Lee PalmerSevern RCV4700:26:08Member
10Paul GodmanSevern RCV5500:26:34Member
11George ScullyGlos City CCV6800:27:08Guest
12Karen SpiteriAvid SportV5300:28:07Guest

Week 13: 10th July

Another good weather day. Back everyone got around no problem, apart from a "seatpost mechanical". It's probably about time to give people a reminder to not cut the corner on the RH turn. This has been reported to me that some are continuing to do this, despite the reminders that it is not the responsibility of the marshal to wave you through or stop traffic. Please consider your own safety.

Well done to Rob on his win - he has been getting a lot faster as of late, clocking 53:28 on the R25/3H in June.

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)Member Type
1Rob HallSASV4500:22:13Guest
2Chris DavisGiant CC Halo FilmsV6300:22:16Guest
3Andrew DerrickPortishead RCS00:22:45Guest
4Simon GlendelingChepstow CCV5000:23:18Guest
5Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:23:19Member
6David LeightonSevern RCV4000:23:24Member
7Rob HoskinsSevern RCV4400:24:08Member
8Jake TaySevern RCV4500:24:17Member
9Lauren JohnstonAvid SportL00:24:41Guest
10Richard EmerySevern RCV5300:24:56Member
11Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5400:25:00Guest
12Simon CrispSevern RCV5100:25:20Member
13Paul GodmanSevern RCV5500:26:05Member
14Louise GeorgiGiant Halo Films / SRCV5100:26:272nd Claim
15George ScullyGloucester City CCV6800:26:28Guest
16Bob SymonsSASV6300:26:49Guest
17Roger BarnesDursley RCV7200:26:56Guest
18Bill NearySevern RCV4600:27:31Member
19Kayna TregaySevern RCS00:28:55Member
20Conor Bryne-JonesChepstow CCV46DNFGuest

Week 12: 3rd July

A reasonable turn-out despite there being a football match or something going on.  A humid evening and a steady breeze wafting down the A403 resulted in some good times. Roger Barnes lowered his own V70 record by a couple of seconds and Etienne Georgi took the win.

Also a request/reminder to riders to SHOUT - if you can - your number on crossing the line.  It makes the timekeeper's job a little bit easier - thanks!

No. Rider name Club Cat. Time
1 Etienne Georgi Team Wiggins S 21-14
2 Simon Bromley London Dynamo S 21-50
3 David Leighton Severn RC V40 22-45
4 Jared Linden RDFCC S 23-00
5 Gez Taylor Thornbury cc V51 23-02
6 Martin Howe Veloflow V59 23-05
7 Jon Mansell RDFCC S 23-06
8 Simon Glendinning Chepstow CC V50 23-10
9 Lauren Johnston Avid Sport L 24-00
10 Simon Thexton Performance Cycles V43 24-06
11 Jon Morris Chepstow CC V54 24-32
12 Russell Boon Avonlea/Treasure RT V53 24-48
13 Roger Barnes Dursley RC V72 25-40
14 Lee Palmer Severn RC V47 25-43
15 Alun Parker CATI S 25-53
16 Paul Godman Severn RC V55 26-07
17 Andy Short Severn RC V63 26-36
18 Maggie Bromley Kingswood Tri LV 26-39
19 Conor Byrne-Jones Chepstow CC V46 26-41
20 Karen Spiteri Avid Sport LV 26-58
21 Graham Smith Severn RC V52 27-24

Week 11: 26th June

After two weeks of cancelled events, we are back on the old down course. It was a last minutes choice to use the course the day before so maybe word didn't get around? Either way it was very hot and results probably suffered as a consequence. Good ride from Phil Stonelake who took the win in the conditions.

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1Phil StonelakeBristol RCV4200:22:37
2Mike HorderSevern RCV5100:23:06
3Jon ManselRDFCCS00:23:29
4Simon ThextonPerformance CyclesV4400:24:00
5Jamie BrittonSevern RCV4600:24:03
6Jon MorrisChepstow RCV5400:24:44
7Simon CrispSevern RCV5100:25:10
8Jake  TayCATIV4500:25:48
9Paul GodmanSevern RCV5500:26:17
10Andy ShortSevern RCV6100:26:25
11Graham SmithSevern RCV5100:26:41
12Maggie BromleyKingswood TriLV6100:26:48
13Kayna TregayCATIL00:30:38

Week 8: 5th June

U7b tonight.  Negative splits all round probably as the riders faced a stiff head wind out to the turn.  Mike Horder took the win.

NumberRider nameClubCatRace Time (MM:SS)Member Type
1Mike Horder                        Severn Road Club V5123:30Member 
2Martin Howe Veloflow CCV5923:44Guest
3Glen KnightKiss RacingV4023:57Guest
4Simon TwextonPerformance CyclesV4324:50Guest 
5Jon BamfordSevern Road ClubV4725:18Member 
6Russel BoonAvonlea / Treasure RTV5225:46Guest
7Simon CrispSevern Road ClubV5126.29Member
8Andy ShortSevern Road ClubV6327:06Member
9Neil Langdon Giant CC Halo FilmsV5427:22Guest
10Paul GodmanSevern Road ClubV5528:29Member
11Leon ProvisSevern Road ClubV5029.22Member
12             Mike Halgarth                           Anfield BC                               V61                                          31.25                                Guest
13             Gordon Lewis                           Kingswood Tri                          V69                                          33.25                                Guest

Week 7: 29th May

Only 11 riders tonight.  A bit of drizzle at the start soon cleared to give us a pretty quick evening with a decent breeze from the 'good' direction.  Special mention to Roger Barnes (DRC) who turned in a great time after a long ride in Wales yesterday.  Paul mentioned that this may be a V70 record, someone will confirm... (Paul Evans has confirmed that this is a new record along with a new LS record for Jo Jago and 6 PB's on the night!!).

NumberRider nameClubCatRace Time (MM:SS)Member Type
1Mark Thomas                          Severn Road Club V5223:09Member 
2Joanne Jago Performance CyclesLS24:33Guest
3Richard EmerySevern Road ClubV5324:38Member
4Russell BoonAvonlea / Treasure RTV5224:45Guest 
5Simon CrispSevern Road ClubV5125:05Member 
6Neil LangdonGiant CC Halo FilmsV5425:36Guest
7Andy ShortSevern Road ClubV6325:39Member
8Roger BarnesDursley RCV7225:42Guest
9Doug Nestor Severn Road ClubS25:44Member
10Ron WhiteNBTCV6327:14Guest
11Leon ProvisSevern Road ClubV5027:28Member

Week 5: 15th May

Number Rider name Club Cat Race Time (MM:SS) Member Type
1 Chris Davis  GIANT CC Halo Films  V63 22:11 Guest 
2 Lee Frances  Velo Club Bristol S 22:44 Guest
3 Jared Linden RDFCC S 23:11 Guest
4 Martin Howe VELOFLOW CC V59 23:23 Guest 
5 Mike Horder Severn Road Club V51 23:24 Member 
6 David Leighton Severn Road Club V40 23:41 Member
7 Mark Thomas Severn Road Club V52 23:43 Member
8 Jon Bamford Severn Road Club V47 24:52 Member
9 Russel Boon  Avonlea/Treasure V52 25:32 Guest
10 Richard Emery Severn Road Club V53 25:42 Member
11 Jacqueline Wadsworth Severn Road Club LV59 25:43 Member
12 Simon Crisp Severn Road Club V51 26:17 Member
13 Neil Langdon GIANT CC Halo Films  V54 26:33 Guest 
14 Andy Short Severn Road Club V63 26:49 Member
15 Emma Barnes Dursley RC LV40 27:12 Guest 
16 Roger Barnes Dursley RC V72 27:17 Guest
17 Louise Georgi GIANT CC Halo Films/SRC LV51 27:19 Member
18 Maggie Bromley Kingswood Tri LV61 27:45 Guest
19 Paul Godman Severn Road Club V56 29:22 Member
20 Gorden Lewis Kingswood Tri V69 32:10 Guest
21 Sam Rosser BCDS J12 33:52 Guest 
22 Jon Morris Chepstow CC V54 DNF Guest

Week 4: 8th May 

Adam here, filling in for Tom while he is riding Lands End to John o'Groats - good luck Tom! A good turn-out today at the TT with dry and sunny conditions although it felt a bit breezy sat at the finish line. 
Google sheets formatting issue .... sorry (edited by Jamie 9/5/18).

number Rider name Club Cat Race Time (MM:SS)
1 Matt Slater REVO Racing  V43 21:29
2 Lee Aston Sodbury CS V47 21:54
3 Chris Davis GIANT CC Halo Films V63 22:22
4 Lee Francis  Velo Club Bristol S 22:28
5 Phil Stonelake Bristol Road Club V42 23:28
6 Mike Horder Severn RC V51 23:35
7 David Leighton Severn RC V40 23:41
8 David Wallace Royal Navy & Royal Marines V51 24:23
9 Jon Bamford Severn RC V47 24:24
10 Mark Thomas Severn RC V52 24:30
11 Andy Dutton  BATH CC V43 24:45
12 Jamie Britton Severn RC V46 25:10
13 Jon Morris Chepstow CC V54 25:31
14 Russell Boon Avonlea/Treasure RT V52 25:47
15 Lee Palmer Severn RC V47 25:52
16 Neil Langdon GIANT CC V54 26:13
17 Louise Georgi GIANT CC HALO/SRC LV51 27:03
18 Doug Nestor Severn RC S 27:19
19 Bob Symons SAS V63 27:36
20 Roger Barnes  Dursley RC V72 28:05
21 Karen Spiteri Avid Sport LV53 28:31
22 Bill Neary Severn RC V45 28:54
23 Maggie Bromley Kingswood Tri Club LV61 29:02
24 Gordon Lewis Kingswood Tri Club V69 32:42
25 Sam Rosser  BCDS J12 35:30
26 Brett Halliwell Bristol Road Club not provided DNF

Week 3: 1st May

Slightly better conditions today, but still without wind and rain.

NumberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)Member Type
1George BazeyBristol Road ClubJun00:22:14Junior
2Chris DavisGiant CC halo filmsV6300:22:15Guest
3Lee FrancisVC BristolS00:23:18Guest
4David LeightonSevern RCV4000:23:51Member
5Mike HorderSevern RCV5100:24:16Member
6=Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:24:22Member
6=Russel BoonAvonlea Treasure RTV5200:24:22Guest
8Rich FranklinVC st RaphaelV4900:24:36Member
9Ryan AbramBCDSJuv00:25:41Juvenile
10Jon ManselRDFCCS00:25:46Guest
11Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5400:25:49Guest
12Ian SparrowSodbury cycle sportV5100:26:13Guest
13=Neil LangdonGiant CC halo filmsV5400:26:36Guest
13=Richard EmerySevern RCV5300:26:36Member
15Simon CrispSevern RCV5100:26:37Member
16Andy ShortSevern RCV6300:26:53Member
17Bob SymonsSASV6300:27:10Guest
18Louise GeorgiGiant CC / SRCV5100:27:492nd claim
19Maggie BromleyKingswood TriV6100:29:31Guest
20Atif JavidCATIV4300:31:10CATI
21Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6900:32:07Guest

Week 2: 24th April

Well done to those who braved the rain today. I was impressed that 9 people turned up! Even more thanks to the helpers who turned up and sat out in the rain.

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)Member Type
1Josh GriffithsBristol south CCS00:21:31Guest
2Lee AstonSodbury Cycle sportV4700:22:24Guest
3Rob HallSASV4500:24:52Guest
4Ian SparrowSodbury Cycle sportV5100:26:54Guest
5Neil LangdonGiant CC halo filmsV5400:26:57Guest
6Neil CollardTeam BFV4600:27:47Guest
7Andrew shortSevern RCV6300:27:57Member
8Karen SpiteriAvid SportV5300:30:49Guest
9Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6900:32:49Guest

Week 1: 17th April

Results are here for evening 10s on Tuesday. A couple of you are going to have to help me out with the club names, as I couldn't make out the hand writing.


numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)Member Type
1Etienne GeorgiTeam Wiggins / SRCS00:21:252nd Claim
2Chris DavisGiant CC Halo filmsV6300:22:22Guest
3Brett HallwellBW CyclingS00:22:54Guest
4Lee FrancisVC Bristol S00:23:04Guest
5Rob HallSASV4500:23:19Guest
6Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:24:34Member
7Josh GriffithsBristol South CCS00:24:52Guest
8John MansellRDFCCS00:25:18Guest
9Andy HoweSdoorn Road??V4200:25:31Guest
10Simon CrispSevern RCV5100:25:54Member
11Richard EmerySevern RCV5300:26:11Member
12Neil LangdonGiant CC Halo filmsV5400:26:26Guest
13James ProssorNorth Lancs RCV5600:26:32Guest
14Louise GeorgiGaint CC Halo / SRCLV5100:26:522nd Claim
15Andy ShortSevern RCV6300:27:01Member
16Lee PalmerSevern RCV4700:27:02Member
17Doug NestorSevern RCS00:27:22Member
18Neil CollardTeam BE??V4600:27:26Guest
19Bob SymonsSASV6400:29:52Guest
20Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6900:31:39Guest