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Evening 10 results 2017

Week 11:29th August

Last event of the season and last one run by myself. Again, same as week before, there were 32 starters, but there was only a small breath of wind - a relatively still night. And some fast times too! Particularly the Bristol South Tandem ride, I'm sure that should be new tandem record for this course! But not quite as quick as Arthur Franklin from SAS, putting in a short 20... Well done to rob sims too for getting this first 25mph+ time on this course! I'm sure there are probably a few other PBs as well, so well done to those...

Again thanks to those who have helped through the season. Next year will be more challenging with me stepping down. I think there has been a general consensus that we should go for a multiple organiser approach, with someone taking charge of a particular event, for each event. Bristol South CC and Durlsey RC seem to do this and it works, although our course is more complicated, with more people needed for each event. The approach we could take will be based on a Google Docs form, with Severn RC people only are given access who are organising. This way everyone can see what is required in advance for a given event. Anyway, we can work on this later - now for the results:

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)Member Type
1Arthur FranklinSASS00:20:17Guest
2Jo Knight / Andy LeggBristol South CC57/4100:21:34Tandem
3Jared LindenRDFCCS00:21:45Guest
4Jim PetersVC BristolV5400:21:48Guest
5Lee FrancisVC BristolS00:21:53Guest
6Mark BradleyBristol South CCV5200:21:57Guest
7Rob HallSASV4400:22:10Guest
8Andy DerrickSevern RCS00:22:29Member
9Chris OwranChepstow CCS00:22:33Guest
10Gordon MarkusSevern RCV4000:22:57Member
11Mark ThomasSevern RCV5100:23:12Member
12Sean LeadbeaterSevern RCS00:23:16Member
13David LeightonSevern RCS00:23:19Member
14Daniel KempeBristol South CCV5100:23:20Guest
15Chris HawkinsCATIS00:23:24CATI
16Rich FranklinVC st RaphaelV4800:23:33Guest
17Jon BamfordSevern RCV4600:23:36Member
18Jamie BrittonSevern RCV4600:23:53Member
19Rob SimsSevern RCS00:23:54Member
20John ReesCATIV5100:24:06CATI
21Russel BoonAvonlea Treasure RTV5200:24:08Guest
22Andrew HollomSevern RCV5200:24:24Member
23Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5300:24:38Guest
24Jon MansellRDFCCS00:24:43Guest
25Joanne JagoPerformance Cycles CCS00:24:46Guest
26Lauren JohnstonNorth Bristol Tri ClubL00:24:48Guest
27Jacqueline WadsworthSevern RCV5800:25:02Member
28Doug NestorSevern RCS00:25:35Member
29Leon BakerSASV4500:25:47Guest
30Conor Byrne-JonesChepstow CCV4500:26:06Guest
31Louise GeorgiGiant CC Halo Films / SRCV5000:26:092nd Claim
32Graham SmithSevern RCV5100:26:13Member

Week 10:15th August

There were 32 starters today, but not the fastest night tonight. It was another mixed event for me, where I was happy to get a 4th win this year, but unfortunately Paul Cann from SAS was hospitalised today. He caught a wobble on his rear wheel on the decent, which put him into a ditch, giving him a dislocated shoulder. I was at the HQ when he arrived in a pickup truck - I called an ambulance which took him to Southmead. Apart from the obvious injury he was otherwise fine. We wish you a speedy recovery paul!

Next fortnight will be the last club 10 event I will run for Severn RC. I have decided to turn this into a BBQ night as well as the event itself. Furthermore, I wish to instigate a discussion about how the event can continue for next year. I can give some guidance to how I have organised these events in my own way, and I would also be keen for members of Dursley RC and BSCC to be present and give their views - they organise their evening 10s with a rota of organisers from what I have heard.

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1Tom BertenshawSevern RCS00:22:06
2Chris DavisGiant CC Halo FilmsV6200:22:18
3Jim PetersVC BristolV5400:22:32
4Rob HallSASV4400:22:43
5Jared LindenRDFCCS00:22:45
6Andy DerrickSevern RCS00:23:05
7Mike HorderSevern RCV5000:23:05
8Chris OwramChepstow CCS00:23:11
9Mark ThomasSevern RCV5100:23:35
10Adrian BultAvonlea Treasure RTV4700:23:40
11Rich FranklinVC st RaphaelV4800:23:53
12Martin HoweVeloFlowV5800:24:10
13Lee FrancisVC BristolS00:24:10
14Simon ThextonPerformance CyclesV4200:24:36
15Russel BoonAvonlea Treasure RTV5200:24:37
16Alan GreenBSCCV5400:24:38
17John ReedCATIV5100:25:00
18Andrew HollomSevern RCV5200:25:06
19Rob SansumSevern RCS00:25:33
20Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5300:25:38
21Lauren JohnstonNorth Bristol Tri ClubL00:26:09
22Jacqueline WadsworthSevern RCLV5800:26:16
23Brian MallardSevern RCV6800:26:25
24Louise GeorgiGiant Halo Films / SRCLV5000:26:36
25Annamarie MilesSASL00:26:41
26Alan ParkerCATIS00:26:48
27Graham Mc Intosia??CATIV5500:26:52
28Barry EdbrookeSevern RCS00:27:07
29Bill NearySevern RCV4500:28:20
30Mike HalgarthAnfield BCV6000:28:29
31Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6800:32:40
32Paul CannSASV64DNF

Week 9: 1st August

Looks like the summer holidays have brought numbers down a bit, although a lot of the regulars were there. It wasn't the fastest of nights and a bit overcast so not many pb's expected tonight. Other than that not much else to report.

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1Tom BertenshawSevern RCS00:21:59
2Ben ConnellySevern RCV4100:22:17
3Jim PetersVC BristolV5400:22:31
4Andy DerrickSevern RCS00:23:04
5David LeightonSevern RCS00:23:35
6Mark ThomasSevern RCV5100:23:55
7Jon BamfordSevern RCV4600:24:02
8Simon ThextonPerformance CyclesV4200:24:09
9Stephen DownCATIS00:24:34
10Joanne JagoPerformance CyclesL00:24:46
11Alan GreenBristol South CCV5400:24:52
12Rob SansumSevern RCS00:25:06
13Russel BoonAvonlea Treasure RTV5200:25:06
14Lee PalmerSevern RCV4600:25:10
15Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5300:25:16
16Jacqueline WadsworthSevern RCLV5800:26:16
17Andy ShortSevern RCV6200:26:29
18Mat GreenerNarbeth DynamosV5200:28:00
19Leon ProvisSevern RCV4900:28:36
20Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6800:32:35

Week 8: 17th July

Cancelled through temporary traffic lights......

Week 7: 4th July  

Finally an uneventful week! There was good weather, no incidents as far as I know, and I got to relax in my chair and let the event run itself. We even got a Tandem turn up! An old guest, John Russell took first spot today, followed by Severn's own Ben Connelly and Andrew Derrick within the same minute. No Chris Davis though, what happened to him?

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1John RussellBristol RC / T1 diabetes.infoV4700:22:12
2Ben ConnellySevern RCV4100:22:22
3Andy DerrickSevern RCS00:22:40
4Jared LindenRDFCCS00:23:08
5Mike HorderSevern RCV5000:23:18
6David LeightonSevern RCS00:23:29
7Jake MitchellNBTCS00:23:47
8Martin HoweVelo flow CCV5800:23:51
9Jon BamfordSevern RCV4600:23:56
10Mark ThomasSevern RCV5100:24:14
11Jo Knight / Andy LeggeBristol South CCV57 / 4100:24:15
12Andrew HollomSevern RCV5200:24:39
13Alan GreenBristol South CCV5400:25:07
14Rob SansumCATIS00:25:19
15Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5300:25:21
16Jon MansellRDFCCS00:25:32
17Russel BoonAvonlea Treasure RTV5200:26:12
18Andy ShortSevern RCV6200:26:19
19Brian MallardSevern RCV6800:26:33
20Barry EdbrookeSevern RCS00:26:40
21Chris HopeCATIV5300:26:43
22Bob SymondsSASV6200:27:12
23Jon GreenwoodCATIV6400:29:05
24Rich ChinnockCATIV5100:29:09
25Jess QayoumiNBTCL00:30:52
26Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6800:31:14
27Chris DavisGiant CC Halo FilmsV62DNS

Week 6: 20th June

Thanks to all of you for being patient with putting the results up - I've had IT problems this week, which I've now resolved :) This Tuesday evening was a particularly hot event but that didn't put many people off - 40 riders this week! However, it seems there is an issue for most events at the moment. We had a couple of Junior riders go off course this week; this was at the L-hand turn near Pilning. This was because a couple of unhelpful locals had turned the signs around so that they were pointing right at the junction into Pilning. What can I say? Luckily most people know the course well, and didn't go off course, and we managed to get the signs corrected before too long.

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1Tom BertenshawSevern RCS00:20:56
2Ross PhelpsBristol RCS00:21:04
3Ben DavisBristol RCS00:21:08
4Chris DaviesGiant CC Halo FilmsV6200:21:30
5Deacon CutterhamVC BristolS00:21:41
6Jim PetersVC BristolV5300:21:50
7Andrew DerrickSevern RCS00:22:14
8Mike HorderSevern RCV5000:22:43
9Charlie KellyBristol Cycling Development SquadJ1600:22:52
10Adrian BultAvonlea Treasure RTV4700:22:57
11Jared LindenRDFCCS00:22:58
12Martin HoweVeloflowV5800:23:01
13Sam KellyBristol Cycling Development SquadJ1600:23:03
14Mark ThomasSevern RCV5100:23:10
15Richard FranklinSASV4800:23:23
16Steve BarnesDursley RCV4200:23:33
17Neil CollardB FunctionalV4500:24:00
18James BakerSASS00:24:04
19Simon ThextonPerformance CyclesV4200:24:05
20Chris OwramChepstow CCS00:24:17
21Stewart DownieNorth Bristol Tri clubS00:24:26
22Ian SparrowSodbury Cycle SportV5000:24:30
23Rob EllisManchester WheelersS00:24:35
24John MorrisChepstow CCV5300:24:44
25Jacqueline WadsworthSevern RCLV5800:24:49
26Will PooleBristol South CCS00:25:00
27Lauren JohnstonNorth Bristol Tri clubL00:25:14
28Louise GeorgiGiant CC Halo Films / SRCLV5000:25:26
29Ben HoldingBAD TriV4100:25:30
30Andrew HollomSevern RCV5200:25:33
31Richard EmerySevern RCV5200:25:44
32Brian MallardSevern RCV6800:25:50
33Paul GodmanSodbury Cycle SportV5400:26:04
34Owen BarnesRAFCAV5400:26:29
35Fiona PowleyCATIV4200:27:01
36Adam GoughSevern RCS00:27:11
37Leon ProvisSevern RCV4200:27:33
38Doug NestorSevern RCS00:28:10
39Emma PooleBAD TriL00:29:32
40Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6800:29:37

Week 5: 5th June

Unfortunately the event this week was cancelled. The high winds meant that the traffic on the Severn Bridge (M48) was subject to speed restrictions, and all the motorway traffic inbound to the bridge was being diverted onto the M48 Junction/roundabout. This made it too unsafe to run the event. In any case, only 3 people turned up to ride anyway!

Week 4: 22nd May

Certainly this was an eventful week. It started off with a motor accident between a motorbike and a mini 3hrs before the event on vantingstone lane, near the school, which essentially closed that part of the road. It looked like the mini had eaten the motorbike! lets hope the rider was ok. As a consequence, we could not use the UC186B course. However we were able to revert to the old UC186 course, starting at the junction at the top of the hill. For the race itself, the conditions were average, with a slight southerly wind, and it was warm in the sunshine. James Philips was beaten to 1st place this week by Etienne Georgi, who put in a superb time. With the time keeping, we were a little unsure what his time was at first, but it was confirmed as 19:54, a course record (on the old course!)

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1Etienne GeorgiTeam Wiggins / SRCS00:19:54
2James PhillipsDream / SRCS00:20:44
3Chris DavisGiant CC Halo FilmsV6200:21:22
4Ross PhelpsBristol RCS00:21:24
5Freddie LewtonSevern RCS00:21:45
6Mike HorderSevern RCV5000:22:42
7Pfeiffer GeorgiLiv CC Epic coaching / SRCLJ00:23:01
8Tom CoeBAD TriS00:23:02
9David LeightonSevern RCS00:23:11
10Jon BamfordSevern RCV4600:23:27
11Jim ScottRNRMCAV5200:23:43
12Adrian BultAvonlea Treasure RTV4700:23:47
13David WallaceRNRMCAV5000:23:48
14Mark ThomasSevern RCV5100:23:51
15Steve WhiteDursley RCV4900:24:02
16Chris OwramChepstow CCS00:24:10
17Robert SansumCATIS00:24:41
18Neil CollardB FunctionalV4500:25:04
19Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5300:25:10
20Lee PalmerSevern RCV4500:25:13
21Graham SmithSevern RCV5000:25:27
22Kate MactearBristol University CCL00:25:32
23Doug NestorSevern RCS00:25:38
24Simon CrispSevern RCV5000:25:43
25Louise GeorgiGiant CC Halo Films / SRCV5000:25:48
26Graham McIntoshCATIV5400:25:49
27Richard EmerySevern RCV5200:25:57
28Neil LangdonGiant CC Halo FilmsV5300:26:03
29Jacqueline WadsworthSevern RCLV5800:26:22
30Rob PiperSASV5000:26:43
31Dave BurrowsSevern RCV6700:26:50
32Bob SymonsSASV6200:27:55
33Mike HalgarthAnfield BCV6000:29:26
34Jess  QayoumiNorth Bristol Tri ClubS00:30:31
35Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6800:30:50
36Philippa CrockerDursley RCLV53DNF (punct)


Week 3: 16th May

This week was put on at short notice after the cancellation of the event on the 9th May, due to temporary traffic lights put on the course. They were removed a few days later but unfortunately the weather was not particularly good! As a consequence there was a lowest event turnout (for me at least!). Luckily the rain stopped 1/2hr before the first rider and everyone got around no problem. Some reasonable times were put up too. Chris Davies took the day, despite hitting a pothole at the bottom of the hill, forcing his TT bars to point to the ground!

NumberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1Chris DavisGiant CC Halo FilmsV6200:22:25
2=Jared LindenRDFCCS00:22:28
2=Rob HallSASV4400:22:28
4Mark CollinsSASS00:23:05
5Richard FranklinSASV4800:24:53
6Andy ShortSRCV6200:26:13
7Louise GeorgiGiant CC/SRCLV5000:26:50
8Lauren JohnsonNorth Bristol Tri ClubL00:27:00
9Annamarie MilesSASL00:27:51

Week 2: 25th April

This week was expectantly cold and there was hail showers on and off all day. For most of us, we got off in the sunshine and it was actually quite a still night. WIth only 8 seconds separating the top 4 riders it was a close run thing. This week has been slightly marred for me with a complaint from a local about dangerous riding from one competitor. It goes without saying that I ask you all to be careful, particularly when it comes to cars that may be holding you up or p*** you off by pulling in front of you and slowing down.. it does happen! In those circumstances, keep a cool head and don't make rash decisions.

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)Member Type
1Tom BertenshawSevern RCS00:22:31Member
2Deacon CutterhamVC BristolS00:22:33Guest
3Ben ConnellySevern RCV4100:22:37Member
4Lee FrancisVC BristolS00:22:39Guest
5Rob HallSASV4400:23:01Guest
6Mark CollinsSASS00:23:19Guest
7David LeightonSevern RCS00:23:51Member
8Niall DickinSouthampton University RCS00:24:04Guest
9Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:24:16Member
10Adrian BultAvonlea Treasure RTV4700:24:18Guest
11Richard FranklinSASV4800:24:29Guest
12Kieran MurphyVC BristolS00:24:34Guest
13Robert SansumCATIS00:25:23CATI
14Russel BoonAvonlea Treasure RTV5100:25:30Guest
15Jon MansellRDF CCS00:25:41Guest
16Neil CollardBad TriV4500:25:44Guest
17David WestSodbury Cycle SportS00:25:51Guest
18Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5300:26:11Guest
19Adam GoughSevern RCS00:26:12Member
20Doug NestorSevern RCS00:26:14Severn RC
21Andy ShortSevern RCV6200:26:22Member
22Leon BakerKingswood TriV4500:26:50Guest
23Neil LangdonGiant CC Halo FilmsV5300:27:11Guest
24Robert EvansCATIV5300:28:02CATI
25Matt GreenerNarberth Dynamo CCV5200:28:38Guest
26Paul GodmanSodbury Cycle SportV5400:29:04Guest
27Gordon LewisKingswood TriV6800:31:04Guest
28Jess QayoumiCATIL00:31:24CATI

Week 1 - 11th April

So the first event of the year was a great turnout despite the strong SW wind. This gave slower times as expected and there was a good spread of times. With 39 riders on the first event, I was pretty much closer to putting away signs in the dark! Still won't have that problem next week, unless we get 60 riders? Fastest round was James Phillips, although I expect he will be wanting to improve on this.... The Arthurr Powel trophy will be running again this year - I will put up some info on how we are going to score it soon.

Tom ->

numberRider nameClubCatRace Time (HH:MM:SS)
1James PhillipsDream / SRCS00:21:28
2Ben ConnellySevern RCV4000:22:51
3Malcolm DixonDream / SRCS00:22:52
4George BazleyBCDSJ00:22:59
5Pfeiffer GeorgiLiv CC epic / SRCJL00:23:24
6Jared LindenCATIS00:23:25
7Deacon CutterhamVCDS00:23:41
8Dave LeightonSevern RCS00:24:16
9Steven BarnesDursely RCV4200:24:16
10Jon BamfordSevern RCV4600:24:21
11Mark ThomasSevern RCV5200:24:22
12Tom CoeBad TriS00:24:29
13Simon HoylePamamount CRTV4200:24:30
14Sean LeadbeaterSevern RCS00:24:43
15Jamie BrittonSevern RCV4500:25:16
16Russell BoonAvonlea Treasure RTV5100:25:24
17Jon MansellRDFCCS00:25:52
18Neil Collard Bad TriV4500:25:54
19Robert SansumCATIS00:26:01
20Jo JagoPerformance CyclesL00:26:14
21Jon MorrisChepstow CCV5300:26:33
22Adam GoughSevern RCS00:27:05
23Andy ShortSevern RCV6200:27:06
24Stewart DownieNorth Bristol TriS00:27:06
25Doug NestorSevern RCS00:27:22
26Conor Byrne-JonesChepstow CCV4500:27:24
27Louise GeorgiGaint Halo / SRCV5000:27:25
28Lee PalmerSevern RCV4500:27:33
29Graham McintoshCATIV5400:27:42
30Peter ShortSevern RCS00:27:43
31Barry EdbrookeNBCCS00:27:45
32Richard EmerySevern RCV5200:27:54
33Lauren JohnsonNorth Bristol TriL00:28:19
34Karren MarkusSevern RCL00:28:28
35Derek RussellSevern RCV5700:28:48
36Mike HalgarthAnfield BCV6000:30:17
37Gordon LewisK TriV6800:31:19
38Trevor RobertsSevern RCV7300:31:49
39Jess QayoumiCATIL00:32:46