Events for the rest of the Season

If you fancy giving any of the rest of our open events a go, see the table below. Unfortunately it is too late to enter the open 10 on the 1st July, but I've put the link for those of you who are racing or are interested who is racing. I've not included the links for the Tandem competitions to these events, but you can find them for the Open 10  & open 50 (in September) on the CTT website.

EventDateCourseCategoriesWebsite link
Open 10 ( inc West DC youth Champs)1st JulyUC186BSeniors & Vets
Juniors & Juveniles
Open 103rd SeptemberU7BAll Cats
All Cats (tricycle competition)
WTTA Open 5017th SeptemberU86/50All Cats
Hill Climb7th OctoberUH90Seniors, Vets & Juniors

Severn RC Evening 10s - 2017

Only 5 events left this season. However the open 10 on the 1st July will be held on the evening 10 course, and the Arthur Powel competition will be applicable here.... See above for the open 10 info.

Evening 10 event information can now be found in this location:

Find the link here for the Severn RC strava group.


Archive news here.