We understand that many of you might have friends and family wishing to support you on the day. However, the nature of this course makes it very difficult to drive to places on the route. We will though be implementing special measures to cater for all of you who want to join in the fun but not take part in 2020.

If you are planning on spectating we suggest the following places:

Start of Race

  • On the pedestrian access-way adjacent to the start line. You can walk to this point from the Event Village and Chepstow - it will be clearly signed on the day. If it's a nice day there can be no better place to witness the amazing spectacle of 2800 expectant runners all psyched up for the off. Once, the race has started spectators can easily then walk back to the event village.

At the Finish

  • We would encourage supporters to stay at the event village throughout. There will be plenty to see and do and spectators will have perfect views of the last 150m of the race. You will be able to buy food and refreshments, gain some shelter if the weather is inclement and have easy access to the free car parking.

Access to the Motorway - Spectators should KEEP OFF the motorway

  • The runners start on the motorway itself so please keep to the access-way at the side and do not climb fences or the safety barrier to gain access to the motorway. Cyclists, service vehicles and emergency vehicles will be using the western bound carriageway. It may appear less busy on the motorway but it will still open to motorised emergency vehicles and so unsafe to walk on.

Spectators will not be allowed access to the underpass or the footpath leading to the event village - these will be reserved for runners. Spectators can only access the event village across the closed slip-ways at the top of the motorway at the junction 2 roundabout - these will be closed to traffic for the majority of the race.

Spectating/Supporting on the Course

Firstly, it will not be easy for spectators to drive across the bridge to watch the race on the other side in England. The M48 bridge will be closed for the runners to run on. If you go via the M4 then it's quite a drive to Magor to pick up the M4 then drive out to the M5 and back along the M48 to Aust. However, viewing from the bridge above the toll booths is a popular place as you can park at the Aust services for a while and walk form here.

Please bear in mind that trying to support and spectate in cars on parts of the course around the narrow country lanes is likely to cause disruption to the race for the runners. Increased traffic along these lanes will add to traffic hazards and make it more difficult for the marshals to safely direct the runners. Also, any adhoc parking and stopping will annoy the so far very patient residents on the course. Please do not try to access these lanes by car. It will jeopardise the viability of the event in future years.

We thank you in anticipation of your understanding on this matter.