Timing and Results

As keen runners ourselves we know how important accurate and efficient race timing is. Chip timing systems record your race number and time as you cross the finish line and feed them directly into the results system.

Our results and timing specialists, Full On Sport, will be using the very reliable double RFID bib chips system.

How does it work?

Detection devices will be placed at the start and finish of the race which record the passing of your bib chips. When you run though the detection field your unique race information is fed into the computer system with your start and finish times.

Speedy results service

The results are continually updated to FOS online results system from the event village so you'll be able to view your results online using your smart phone as soon as you finish the race.

Gun/Chip Time

You will have two times recorded as you cross the finish line. The first is called the Gun Time. This is your official race time and is the time that you take to complete the course from the time the start gun was fired. Any time taken for you to progress to the actual start line is considered to be part of your race time and will therefore be included. However, you will also get a Chip Time. This is the time that you actually take from the time you cross the start line to the time you crossed the finish line. Please remember though that this time is used for personal information purposes only - as far as the rules of athletics are concerned the Gun Time is the time the results and prizes are based on.

When do I get my chip?

This year we will be sending your chip and race day details by post to the address you registered with when you entered. If your address changes you must log into Full On Sport and change it so that your race pack is sent to the right place.