Severn Bridge 10k & Half Marathon - Sunday 26th August 2018.

  Entry Fees 2018:

Affiliated runner £29

Unaffiliated runner £31

For your convenience we have two entry portals. If you have entered races through one of these portals before, all your details will be stored there to make the entry process so much easier.

The cost to you for either is exactly the same. There are no extra fees to pay.

  Just enter now... decide for certain which distance to run later.
You can enter either distance and then change to the other distance yourself, on-line. You can change your mind and swap back and forth at any time. Remember also that you can transfer your entry to another person.

  Click below to enter via
Full On Sport

  Click below to enter via
Fabian 4


As the event draws near, if you have entered the Half and are struggling with training you can swap to the 10k. Or if you initially entered the 10k and find the training is going really well, you can swap to the Half.

Before entering we urge you to view our refunds policy here

If you enter and can no longer race, we do allow you to transfer your entry to someone else (unlike many other events).

The transfer deadline will be Tuesday 21st August midday.