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From a ‘Social Raw Matter’ to the Emergence of Collectives—Exploring Bio-institutions as Social Lab. Science, Technology and Society March 2013; 18 (1) (edited by Céline Granjou, Severine Louvel and Virginie Tournay)

A new article published online first:

Louvel, S. (2013) "Understanding change in higher education as bricolage: how academics engage in curriculum change", published online first in Higher Education, April 6


Spring 2012
visiting scholar at the
University of California, Berkeley, Center for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society, to conduct my ANR research project on the institutionalisation of nanoscience and nanotechnology in France and the United States. I have also been visiting the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (14-18 May, 2012),University of California, Santa Barbara.