Sessions list

VII International Conference on Environmental Hydrology


The First Symposium - Environmental Impacts on the Nile Water Resources

September 25-27 2012: Cairo, Egypt

Papers To be presented in different sessions

1)  Climate Change (CLCH):

            Chair: Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Shennawy

            Assistant: Dr. Ahmed Moustafa

a.  Uncertainty in Climate Change Assessment: A Hurdle in the Path of Accurate Prediction of Future Climate; Ganesh D. Kale1 Surat, Gujarat, India

b.  Climate Smart Technological Solutions in Egypt: Hydropower Plant of the New Assiut Barrage Case Study;  Ayman F. Batisha1 Egypt.

c.   Analysis Of Nile Delta Resilience Due To Climate Change Based On Fuzzy Decision Making ApproachAyman F. Batisha.

d.   Strengthened Adaptive Capacity Using Interactive Approach Integrative Framework: Science Community with Civil Society; Hala Abayazid and Ibrahim El-Shinnawy.

e.   Climate change impacts on the Nile Delta coastal water quality, Egypt; Ayman A. El-Gamal and Ibrahim El-Shinnawy.


2)  Coastal and Port Engineering (C&Pt):

            Chair: Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Shennawy

            Assistant: Dr. Awad

a.   Prediction of shoreline change by using lit line modelling and satellite aerial imagery; M. I.  Balah, e. R. Tolba and m. Youness.

b.   Sediment Transport along the Nile Delta Coast via Feldspar Thermo- Luminescence; A. Mostafa, Y. Tajima ,Japan.

c.  Validation of Numerical Model to Predict Wave Transmission at Submerged; Breakwaters  A.I. El-Shinnawy1, et al   Egypt.

d.  Scour Below Submarine Pipelines Exposed to Currents Mostafa Mokhtar  et  al Egypt.

e.  Design And Construction Of El-Dekheila Rubble Mound reakwater “Northern Tip Extension”;  A. Z. Awad.

f.  A Discrete-Event Simulation Model For Earth-Moving Operations in Harbour Projects;  A. Z. Awad.

3)  Env. & W.Q:

            Chair: Prof. Dr. M. El Hussieny

            Assistant: Dr. Noha Donia  

a.  Application of rice husk as low cost wastewater treatment technique; Dr. Faten A. GH. R. El Sergany. 10th of Ramadan.


b.  Enhance The Biological Properties In Modified Septic Tank Using effective Microorganisms; Mansour, H. F. G., EL Nadi, al,.

c.  Application Of GIS And Wasp Model On Water Quality Manegment In Rosetta Branch;  Abou-El Ftouh S  et al.

d.  Scenario Based Approach for water Quality Management Case study:  Western Nile   Delta, Egypt; N. S. Donia and Heba K. Awaad.  

f.   Modeling of Gravity Thickeners Using Different Primary and secondary Sludge Mixing Ratios; Mahmoud, U., et al.

g.  Calibration Of 2d Water Quality Models Of Shallow Coastal Lakes Using Remote Sensing Data. (Case Study: Edko Lake, Western Delta, Egypt); Amel Azab et al.


4)  Ground Water: 

          A-( GW1):

                Chair: Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Amer

                Assistant: Dr. Y. Idris

a.  A preliminary modification and validation of the Grey Model for groundwater flow analysis of arid regions; Wael Elham M., Kunio Watanabe, japan  

b.  Vadose Zone Wells and Surface Spreading Basins Modeling to Augment the Groundwater Resources in a Semi Arid Area in Egypt; Peter H. Riad , Max H. Billib , Peter-W. Boochs , Ahmed A. Hassan , Mohamed N. Eldin, Maha A. Omar 

c.  Hydrology Study of Upper Awash Basin to Evaluate the Groundwater Recharge, North Eastern Ethiopia; T.B. Tigabu

d.  Delimitation of Groundwater Facieses Using Hydro-Chemical Parameters Ratios and Fuzzy Logic Technique-Case Study North Delta; Dr. Mahmoud Shaban – Dr. Yehia Idris and Dr. Mohamed Rashed.



                Chair: Prof.Dr. Ahmed Ali Hassan

                Assistant: Dr. Ashraf Moustafa

a.  Implementation of Ground Water Wells in Flash Floods Area; Gamal A. Sallam and Mahmoud Shabban  

b.  Forecasting Groundwater Level Fluctuation Through  Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy   Inference System (ANFIS); Dr. Yehia Ahmed Idris.

c.  A GIS Method For Exploring The Spatiotemporal Variations Of Groundwater Data; Samia Saad, Mohamed A Gad, Iman El-Azizi.

d.  Evaluation of Groundwater Potential of the Nubian Sandston aquifer System (NSAS) in El Frafra Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt; Abeer .Soliman , T. M. Hassan , Sherif Eldidy.

e.  Combined Dewatering Methods In Urban Areas Using Numerical Model;  Abdel-shahid E.A.; Abdel-rahman M.T.  and Hassan A.A.


5)  Hyd Structure  (Hyd St):

A)  Hyd. St (1):

            Chair: Prof. Dr. Nahla Abu El Atta

            Assistant: Dr. Abd el Hamid El Tahan

a.   Effect of Upstream Cutoff Position on both Uplift and Efficiency underneath Hydraulic Structures. Dr. Abdelhamid M. H. El Tahan and Dr. Nader M. Shafik , Prof. Anas M. El-Molla   

b.  Mathematic Modeling for the Effect of Clay wall on Seepage and Sand Box Verification; Ahmed M. Mirdan, Mohamed Galal El Tarabily.

c.  Enhancing hydraulic and dynamic performance of pumping stations using flow control plates; Sami A. A. El-Shaikh,   Salah S. Mohamed,   Mostafa A. Abu-Zeid

d.  A Comparative Analysis Between Electric And Numerical Seepage Modeling Techniques; Doaa Anas, Mohamed A Gad, Ghada Samy, Nahla AboulAtta.
e.    Grand Barrages Projects Environmental Impacts Prof. Dr: Mohamed Bahaa Eldin Ahmed Prof. Dr: Ali Mohamed Talaat Dr: Omran Abd El Fadil Omran Egypt.


B)   Hyd. St (2) [Hyd. Machines for Hydrologic Projects]:

        Chair: Prof. Dr. Nabil Hassan

        Assistant: Dr. Sadik Kassab

a.   Unsteady Numerical and Experimental studying of Cavitation in Axial Pump; Nabil H. Mostafa and Mohamed Adel  Zagazig

b.   Unsteady Numerical Simulation of Cavitation in Axial Turbine; Nabil. H. Mostafa and Mohamed Adel      Zagazig

c.   Modeling of Airlift Pump using Separated, Homogeneous and Drift-Flux Models;  Sadek Z. Kassab, Ihab G. Adam, Hazem A. ElGohary. Alex.

d.   Performance Characteristics of a Centrifugal Pump Handling Soft Slurries; Mohamed F. Khalil, Sadek Z. Kassab, Ahmed A. Abdel Naby, and Ali Azouz.

6)  Irrigation & Drainage (Irr&Dr):

            Chair: Prof. Dr. M. Nour Eldin

            Assistant: Dr. Ahmed Moustafa

a.   Development of decision support system for efficient and environmental water allocation in mahmoudia watershed; prof. Dr. M. Nour el-din. , dr. Noha donia, dr. H. El-gammal,  and  eng. Hesham elshazely

b.   Effect of various types of replacement soils as a defense line against uplift under irrigation structures; Elkashef A.T., et al , Egypt

c.   Information System for Irrigation Water Quality Control of West   Delta Area;   Dr. Noha S. Donia,  Eng. Heba K. Awaad  Egypt

d.   Numerical Modeling of Sedimentation process in Settling Basins [Case Study: Tana River];  Elfiky M.M., Nassar M. A.  and Elnikhely E.A.

e.   Mixing Of agricultural Drain water With Canals water And Its ffects On Water Treatment Plants; El Nadi, M. H. , & Abdalla, M. A. F.


7)  Open Channel  (O.Ch):

            Chair: Prof. Dr. Yehia Kamal

                Assistant: Dr. Ahmed Moustafa

a.   Changes of Meandering Channel Pattern at Alluvial Boundary; Levent Yilmaz, Turkey.

b.  Transverse Mixing Coefficient on Dunes with Vegetation on a Channel Wall; S. H. Tabatabaei, M. Heidarpour, M. Ghasemi and H. Afzalimehr, Iran.

c.   Best Hydraulic Sections for Open Channels employing Spread Sheets;  Dr. Alaa N. El-Hazek

d.  Using GIS in Evaluating Dead and Live Capacities of High Dam Reservoir; Naguib Adly Abdel Malak_ and Mohamed Ihab Salah Abdel Hakim.

e.  Sedimentation Estimation For The Lake Of High Aswan Dam using Multi Beam Technique; Anas Elmolla , Gamal Salam   and Waleed Elemary.


8)  River Engineering (Riv En):

            Chair: Prof. Dr. Shrine Shawky

            Assistant: Dr. Ihab Salah & Dr. Ayman Batish

a.   Estimation of Reservoir Sedimentation Using SRS Technique and Free Landsat Data; Ganesh D. Kale and Sheela N. Vadsola, India.

b.   Forecasting Annual River Nile Discharge at Aswan Using GIS technique Radial Basis Function Method (RBFM); Mohamed Ihab Salah1 and Asmaa Mahmoud Abbas

c.   Forecasting Annual River Nile Discharge at Aswan Using Standard Deviation Method (SDM); Naguib Adly Abdel Malak and Mohamed Ihab Salah Abdel Hakim

d.   Lake Nasser Evaporation Losses Reduction; Prof. Sherine S. Ismail, Prof. Medhat Aziz



9)  Wadi Hyd. & W.R:

        A) Wadi Hyd. 1:

          Chair: Prof. Dr. Ali El Bahrawy

          Assistant: Dr. Ashraf El Mostafa

a.   Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation using Moving Vector and Kalman Filter (GSMaP_MVK); Tomoo Ushio, Kazumasa Aonashi, Takuji Kubota, Misako Kachi, Zen-Ichiro Kawasaki, Japan

c.   Surface Water Resources Assessment in Rwasave Marshland - contribution to poverty reduction in Rwanda; Omar Munyaneza, Gratien Nizeyimana, Hermogene Nsengimana, Christine Uzayisenga and Charlotte Uwimpuhwe, Rwanda.

d.   Assessment of Port Sudan Water Supply System; Abu Bakr Taha  Port Sudan , Sudan

e.   Sustainable Water Management For Seasonal Rivers Deltas, Case Study: Coporolo River, Angola; Ashraf M. Elmoustafa, Hesham Elbadry.


B)  Wadi Hyd 2:

        Chair: Prof. Dr. Moatafa M. Soliman

        Assistant: Dr. M. Gad

b.   Sustainability Analysis Of Shared Water Resources In The Nile River Basin; Ayman F. Batisha

c.   Flood Hydrograph Formulation For Big Catchments Using The GIS;   Mostafa M. Soliman. Egypt.

d.   Flash Flood Risk Assessment Using Morphological Parameters;  Mona M. Mohamed, Ahmed A. Hassan, and Ashraf M. Elmoustafa

Note:    Cl ch             Climate Change
            Cl & Pt En.     Coastal
            Env& W.Q.     = Environmental & water quality
            GW               = Groundwater
            Hyd St          = Hydraulic structure
            O.Ch             =Open Channel
            Irr & Dr.       = Irrigation & Drainage
            Riv. Eng.       = River
            Wadi Hyd      = Water Resource and Wadi Hydrology

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