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- Conference Subjects

A-VII International Conference On Environmental Hydrology

• Environmental Impact on Water Resources.
• Modeling and Management of Sustainable Rivers.
• Wadi Hydrology in Arid regions.
• Environmental Hydrology aspects:
 Floods, drought, wastewater reuse and water resources impact assessment, and climate change
• Groundwater Management and Protection.
• Environmental Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics.
• Coastal and Port Engineering.
• Hydraulic Structures of Water sheds and its Geotechnical Investigations.

B-1st Symposium – Environmental Impacts on the Nile Water Resources

• Group A: Nile Floods & Drought and Sediment Transport.
• Group B: Climate Change Impacts on Nile Water Resources.
• Group C: Inland Navigation Impacts  on Nile Regime.
• Group D: Nile Flow variability and Its Environmental Impacts on Coastal and Port Projects.