The technical program will consist of several sessions with invited speakers and selected contributors.
Please submit an abstract of not more than 300 words for the consideration of the scientific committee.
 The abstracts and any other information may be submitted either by fax or e-mail as given below:
Prof. Dr.Mostafa.M. Soliman,
Conference & Symposium Chairman
Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University,
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +202- 2634-8813; Fax: +202-2266-2901
Note: For more information refer to the web site.
VII International Conference & 1st Symposium Themes

The VII International Conference & 1st Symposium intend to show that Civil Engineering
is a global profession with a focus on economics and preservation and respectful utilization
 of earth’s natural resources.
The issues to be discussed are related to the performance of engineered systems for sustainable
development and the role of quality assurance, quality control in environmental hydrology, and other scientific disciplines infrastructure development. Papers are invited in the following areas:
A-VII International Conference On Environmental Hydrology

• Environmental Impact on Water Resources.
• Modeling and Management of Sustainable Rivers.
• Wadi Hydrology in Arid regions.
• Environmental Hydrology aspects:
 Floods, drought, waste water reuse and water resources impact assessment, and climate change
• Groundwater Management and Protection.
• Environmental Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics.
• Coastal and Port Engineering.
• Hydraulic Structures of Water sheds and its Geo technical Investigations.
B-1st Symposium – Environmental Impacts on the Nile Water Resources

• Group A: Nile Floods & Drought and Sediment Transport.
• Group B: Climate Change Impacts on Nile Water Resources.
• Group C: Inland Navigation Impacts  on Nile Regime.
• Group D: Nile Flow variability and Its Environmental Impacts on Coastal and Port Projects.
Abstract due                             May 30,  2012     ( This date has been updated upon receiving several requests ) 
Notification of Acceptance     June 1st, 2012
Full paper due                      August 10, 2012
Symposium Language
The conference will be conducted in English. No simultaneous translation will be available. All published material associated with the conference will be in English.

Registration Fees for Conference
Non-Egyptian Residents               US$600
Egyptian Residents                        LE.1000
Students ( U.G. )                            US$ 100
Registration fees per person includes the reception, lunches, coffee breaks, etc. and a copy of the proceedings volume. Non-refundable deposit of US$100 for non-Egyptians or LE.600 for Egyptians should be submitted with the full paper to ensure participation. It will be deducted from the registration fee.  For late payment or on site registration, US$25. will be added to the regular registration fees.
The fees should be made payable to:
Egyptian Society of Irrigation Engineers for local checks; and in the name of the Conference & Symposium Chairman for foreign checks and money orders. 
Invitation to Exhibitors

Exhibitors are encouraged to exhibit their products and/or services, to attend and to participate in the conference. Please contact immediately for exhibition details.

Spouses' Program
Visitors will have details of local events. Commercial tours are planned by Local Hosts (special fees required for each tour). Advance reservation 30 days prior to conference is advised. Arrangements will be made for shopping, while you are in Cairo by the local activity committee.
Field Trips
Two field trips will be arranged:
The first field trip will be included in the registration fees. The program of the trip includes a visit to Suez  Canal University , a boat ride in Temsah lake after which lunch will be served in the Sail Club of the Suez Canal Authority.
The second field trip is optional. The program of the 2nd field trip includes a visit to Sharm El Shiekh City and Saint Catherine Monastery in Sinai. The price that will be paid by participants for the 2nd trip depends on the number of interested participants.