Internet Safety - Be Smart, Be Safe

The internet is an amazing resource. You have all kinds of knowledge at your fingertips. But it's even more than than. It is a place where you can connect with others and share your creative talents.
Not too long ago, most people used the internet - Called Web 1.0- to find out information that had been posted by individuals who were quite technologically savvy. It was mainly a static experience.
Now, with Web 2.0 tools abounding, anyone can create content on the internet. *Podcasts, *blogs, *wikis, *photo posting sites, *free web page sites, *IM, *email, *YouTube, *MySpace, *Facebook, etc. allow anyone with a computer and a good connection to the internet to post and add content to the ever-expanding web. However, this wonderful opportunity to share and connect with others is not without some negative consequences.
  • Too often, people unwittingly give out a lot of personal information that they do not realize can be seen (and used) by anybody.
  • Too often, people communicating with others forget that who the person says he or she is may be totally fiction.
  • Too often, people who would not be mean to your face, spread mean-spirited comments which can really hurt the person at which they are directed.
  • Too often, people are not ethical in their use of information gleaned from the web such as illegally downloading copyrighted material and passing it off as their own work or sharing copyrighted material such as songs and movies.
During our 9 days together, we will go over the most important topics of internet safety.
You will be provided with lot of links to sites which help you understand how to navigate the web safely and ethically.
Because I feel it is very important that you discuss these issues with your parents, I will be asking that you share your short homework readings from a packet by with your parents on a daily basis. I will ask that you get a form signed signifying that you have gone over these topics at home with a parent. I also welcome any parent input if they have other information that they feel should be shared with students to help them be safe on the internet.
If you forget to take your packet home, you can open it in the attachment below.
I am thankful to the following website for providing us with such valuable resources on Internet Safety:
Here is a fantastic site with warnings about 12 things never to do online. Protect Yourself. This is a must read site:
Here is another site from Switched with warnings about sneaky computer viruses - Beware!
This site from Switched warns against getting taken in by internet scams:
Here is another great site with lots of short videos to make you aware of dangers on the information superhighway.
Make sure to visit this site for even more advice on staying safe while online:
Carolyn Stanley,
Aug 20, 2008, 11:39 AM