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Hello, Students,
We have just 9 days together to learn about and discuss:
  • How to be safe while surfing the web
  • How to make a simple animation using Flash 

Most of the animations you see on the web are built in Flash, and at the end of the nine days, you will be able to create a simple animation of your own.

  Of course, we we only have time to scratch the surface of the Flash application, but there are lots of tutorials on the web that can teach you to go further, if you wish.
Just remember, we will need to use every moment of class time productively to master all of the content, so come in prepared to learn and create!
Follow these rules, and you'll easily pass the course and have fun, as well:
  • Be on time to class.
  • Bring a two-pocket folder with you everyday, and store all of the handouts in it in order by date.
  • Come prepared with a pencil or pen.
  • Make sure to share the assigned readings on internet safety with your parent(s). You will have to bring in a signed form signifying that you have discussed the internet safety topics with them.
  • Please do not work on your computers during the instructional time. Pay close attention to the demonstrations.
  • Everything demonstrated will be on the handout.
  • You will have plenty of time to practice once the demo is finished.
  • Be courteous.
  • Remember, I am only one person and can only get to one of you at a time.
  • Help each other; teaching is the best way to learn.
Click on the link below to view some animations created by last year's 7th graders.