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Michael Bateman   

Jennifer Finnie  

Andrew Finnie  


Patricia Williamsz

 Chris Hindley

 Neville Cottee   

We are a group of Newcastle painters who meet together on a weekly basis. Auspiciously, this is our eigth year as a group . We have the honour of currently renting a full time studio from Newcastle City Council (God bless you NCC).

The aim of our group is to share ideas, critiques and motivation.

Presently we have workshops and figure drawing sessions to keep our eye in. In the past we have had a succession of well known painters kindly come and share knowledge with us.

Though we all have full time jobs (the vocation list reads like "the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker"), art is a prime creative motivating factor in our lives - and with this in mind we have group exhibitions on a regular basis.

As devout Novocastrians some of us find pleasure in images derived from industry, the harbour, or our city's mixture of old and new buildings.

One or two of us paint images suggested by the surrounding 'forest' (yes there is a forest very nearby) and map the light patterns that disperse across the contours of the native tree trunks and grasses.

Then there are the beaches - Newcastle's beautiful beaches, blissful in the day, and at twilight, and at dawn.

And, lastly -some of us paint our internal landscapes. The subject matter in these particular paintings is as varied as the wild and woolly images that flit across a man's subconscious mind. Be prepared to be surprised.

You'll find links to five of the artists on the left. Apologies that some of the pages are bare bones.

While I'm here I'd like to thank those of the wider community who have supported us in the past.

And in the art community I'd specially like to thank Kerrie Coles and Jill Stowell.

It's not easy keeping a group of artists together and both of these people, have, in their various ways given us a wonderful hand - whether they know it or not.


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Image: A.Finnie