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Hello, well you've made it to my painting index!

As you can see from the side bar there are currently seventeen pages of paintings to view.

Most of them are acrylic on canvas. There are a few oils  and the occasional work on board.

The most recent are on a small blog I set up here.

To help you navigate, you usually will find a horizontal navigation bar near the top of each page. It will tell you where you are on this site.

As an example, it looks like this:

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During your search if you click the title of a painting it should take you to a larger view of the painting.

If you scroll down the index pages you will see more paintings.

I will be adding more paintings in the next few weeks.

New paintings added January 2010.









Recent Paintings

Newcastle Evirons   p i, ii iii

Newc: Cityscapes  p iii, iii,

Industrial Landscapes p i ii

Up North                     p i, p ii,

Around Nobby's          p i

Watt Street Paintings   p i,

Still Lifes                     p i

Smith's Lake                p i,

Ocean and Beach         p i,

Newcastle Beach         p i,

New Paintings                p1