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The Pasha 

We had the thirty year storm a few months ago. The storm we had to have.

It washed away people and destroyed houses. It knocked down retaining walls and it made cars sink. It exposed the lies of "insurance" companies ("Oh didn't you read the fine print Mr Smith?") yet still gave them a chance to tell us how wonderful they were.

In addition it gave us a new visitor - The "Pasha" - and exposed the great need of Newcastle people to have some entertainment served up into their lives.

Thousands went to see the ship. Their cameras flashed in the daylight - and in the night.

And around the chicken wire fences, for weeks on end, people stared in awe at the strange, unwanted visitor.


One More day At the Pasha 



Sunday At the Pasha 



Another day At the Pasha 


The Jag Club Meeting


Last year we had the Jag Club Meet in the main park in town.

They set up their expensive, sleek machines under the old railway shed in the park. The contrast was interesting. An "old" Jag might cost $150,000 dollars to buy -and the same again to "do up". I wonder if the exhibitors realised that they were exhbiting in a place where in the past a railway worker might have toiled for his entire life and not earned the price of just one of their Jaguars...? 

Mind you, it's none of my business.... I just liked the contrast.

This attractively dressed woman earnestly chatting with one of the judges caught my eye.



 The Jag Club Meeting






Dark Afternoon at Merewether






Dark Afternoon