Seung Mo Choi

Economist, International Monetary Fund

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  • Macro Policies (Fiscal, Monetary, and Macroprudential Policies and Growth Strategies)

    • Friend or Foe? Cross-Border Linkages and the Likelihood of a Banking Crisis, with Laura Kodres and Jing Lu.
    • Reserve Requirements as Macroprudential Policy in Inflation-Targeting Economies, with Hyunjoon Lim, Jung-seok Seo and Bosung Kim.
    • Estonia’s Potential Output and Growth Strategies, with Ramdane Abdoun, Christoph Klingen, and Pragyan Deb, IMF Selected Issues, November 30, 2015.
    • An Assessment of Cross-country Fiscal Consolidation, with Bruno Carrasco, Asian Development Bank Working Paper, 79, 2006.
  • IMF Staff Reports for Article IV Consultations: Estonia (2014 and 2015).


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