Current Workshop

SetVR 2018

International Workshop on Set Visualization and Reasoning 2018
June 2018, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
(co-located with Diagrams 2018)

Yuri Sato (University of Brighton, UK)
Zohreh Shams (University of Cambridge, UK)

Program Committee

SetVR 2018 will be the 6th meeting, with the first one held in 2004, previously called the Euler Diagrams Workshop. It aims to promote theoretical, empirical, applied research on visualization and diagrammatic reasoning, especially, about sets (set-theoretical and grouped data). SetVR 2018 will encourage researchers to submit papers on set visualization and reasoning in the following areas (but not limited to):

Information Visualization
  • diagram/graph drawing and layout
  • data visualization
  • ontology visualization
  • human-computer interaction
Diagrammatic Logic
  • formalization
  • inference system
  • expressiveness
  • decidability
  • computational complexity
  • automated reasoning
  • history of notation
Cognitive Science
  • efficacy evaluation
  • cognitive process
  • cognitive model
  • educational outcome
Application of Diagrams
  • visual modlling
  • real world reasoning
  • ontology engineering
  • data exploration

SetVR 2018 welcomes the following types of contributions, in Springer LNCS style:
  • full papers (16 pages): original research, surveys.
  • short papers (8 pages): systems descriptions, software demonstrations, position statements, original research.
All submissions will go through a peer-review process. Accepted papers are expected to be published on-line by CEUR Workshop Proceedings (