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Microsoft Office, or we can also refer to it as simply Office, includes a bunch of server softwares, client software, and other services provided by Microsoft. Microsoft is the most popular company in the software market that has always offered the best products and services to its users. MS Office has now become an essential and integral component of every business premise as it helps to increase the productivity level. MS Office also includes several system applications that can fulfill all the requirements and demands of every sector. Also, Microsoft Products can be accessed on all devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. It also provides various great features through which one can have the best computing experience. In order to access all the latest and advanced features of Microsoft Office, please visit the link “www.office.com/setup” and get the product now.

Reasons to Get the MS Office

Microsoft Office is a universally used application, and it is also the most demanded product in every sector. These days, businesses are not restricted by any geographical barriers. And that is where services like Microsoft Office are required. With Microsoft Office services, one can share any documents and files with any other user. Whether it’s any educational institution, banks, hospitals, or any sector, Microsoft products are used everywhere. Microsoft Office has proved its worthiness by offering its users over 100 languages that make their computing work even easier and more comfortable. With Microsoft Office products, you can access the services like OneDrive, which is a cloud storage service. Along with this, you can also create animations in PowerPoint and slideshows in Word. By navigating to the site “office.com/setup,” anyone can easily set up Microsoft Office on any of their devices.

Process for Downloading MS Office on Windows PC and Mac

Here’s how to download Microsoft Office on Windows PC and Mac computer:

  • First of all, turn on your computer system and launch any web browser on it.

  • And now, navigate to the website “www.office.com/setup.”

  • After reaching the next screen, click on the option of “Sign in” in case you are logged out of your Microsoft account. And enter all the credentials to log in. You can also choose to sign in with any type of account that you wish to link with Microsoft Office. You can use your work, Microsoft, or school account.

  • If you are logging in with your work or school account, then firstly, head to the Microsoft Office homepage and then click on “Microsoft Office” to start the installation process.

  • If you are signing in with your Microsoft account, get to the Office homepage first and then hit the “Install Office” option. And again, click on the option of “Install.”

  • And after following the appropriate steps, the Microsoft Office setup file will now start to download on your PC.

Steps for Installing MS Office on Windows PC

Follow the steps for installing Microsoft Office on Windows PC:

  • You will need to pursue one of the below-mentioned steps according to the browser that you use:

  • If you are using Edge or Internet Explorer, then click on the option of “Run.”

  • For those using the Chrome browser, go through the option of “Setup.”

  • And Firefox users will have to select the option of “Save File.”

  • And after following one of these steps, the installation process will get started. You might have to wait for a few minutes until the installation process gets completed.

  • And after the completion of the installation process, you will see an “Office is Installed Now” window appearing on your screen.

  • You can now close the window and open any MS Office application to use on your computer system.

Activating MS Office on Windows

Here are the steps for activating MS Office on a Windows computer:

  • To activate the MS Office on a Windows PC, first of all, go to the “Start” icon and then search for any Office apps using the search bar. For instance, you can search for the “Powerpoint” app.

  • Now, click on the app icon from the appearing search results.

  • And now, you will see a license agreement window on your screen. Read all the terms and conditions and then hit the “Agree” button. And this way, Office will get activated on your system.

Instructions for Installing MS Office on Mac

Here are the steps:

  • After downloading the Microsoft Office setup file, go through the “Downloads” folder on your computer and then locate the downloaded setup file.

  • After you reach the Installation window, click on the option of “Continue.”

  • On the next screen, click on the “Agree” button after reading all the terms and conditions. Choose the way you would like to install MS Office on your computer. And then, go through the option of “Continue.”

  • Now, click on the “Install” option, and if you are asked to provide your user password, then enter it.

  • Proceed further by clicking on the option of “Install Software."

  • At last, click on the “Close” icon after the completion of the installation process.

How One Can Activate MS Office on a Mac?

Here are the steps:

  • To activate MS Office on a Mac computer, first of all, the users will have to launch the “Dock” and then click on the “Launchpad” icon.

  • Now, look for any Office apps that you would like to use and click on its icon.

  • For instance, on launching MS Word, you will see the “What’s New” window appearing on your screen.

  • After this, go through the “Get Started” button to activate the MS Office.

So, this way, one can quickly and easily get Microsoft Office apps on their devices.